Standout Technology: Sitecore’s Federated Experience Manager

September 10, 2014 | Ed Kapuscinski

federatedcontentWe'll be writing up a more in-depth blog post about our recent trip to the 2014 Sitecore Symposium, but we wanted to take a quick minute to talk about what we feel is one of the standout technologies presented at the conference (which is really saying something, when you consider all of the things that were talked about). 

That technology is Sitecore's Federated Experience Manager.

FXM for Short

Federated Experience Manager (FXM for short), is a newly released module for Sitecore 7 that does the incredible thing of allowing you to extend the reach of Sitecore's marketing and content delivery capabilities to sites that don't run on it.

At its core, FXM does two things for non-Sitecore sites. It allows you to:

  1. Display Sitecore content (using Sitecore display components and all of the personalization options that come along with them) on them.
  2. Collect analytics data from them.

And, as long as domain situations allow, cookies can be shared between sites that use it and sites that are actually Sitecore powered, allowing you to gather unified analytics data about a user across the various properties.

Once the FXM JavaScript is included on a site, which in the experience of the people who've had a chance to try it out, and is incredibly unobtrusive to do (meaning no performance problems or pesky jQuery conflicts), FXM allows CMS users to insert Sitecore display components directly into the site, and then choose datasources from the content tree for them. This can easily be taken a step further because all of the DMS personalization options that exist for content being served from the CMS are exposed as well, meaning that the host of rules for choosing which targeted content should be displayed are all available as well.

Additionally, the JavaScript that collects all of the analytics data is also present, so the details of the user's visit are also all captured.

Sitecore: the Center of Digital Marketing

This module creates a huge opportunity for Sitecore users to use Sitecore to truly be the center of digital marketing by knocking down integration barriers between a Sitecore site and non-Sitecore sites. Obvious use cases include third party hosted Web applications, legacy sites, and sites that are still in the queue to be migrated into Sitecore.

The module is currently available for Sitecore 7.1 and up, and excitingly will be built right into Sitecore 8. It is, however, a licensed model, so Sitecore customers looking to take advantage with it will need to work with their sales representative to get a license.

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