Lessons Learned from Six Great Q1 Healthcare Launches in Sitecore!

May 17, 2019 | John Berndt

TBG Launches SIx Healthcare Sites in SitecoreOn the heels of winning 7 eHealthcare leadership awards in a single day in late 2018, our Q1 of 2019 was very busy! We launched SIX significant digital healthcare properties on Sitecore in Q1, full of interesting best practices and consumer-focused, highly sustainable experiences.

What we do best is digital transformation in healthcare—read on to learn about the meaningful changes and opportunities we brought about in our latest collaborations with our clients. Check them out!

Johns Hopkins Medicine Health Library Site

Johns Hopkins Medicine Health Library & Associated Sites

To set a new standard for health information online, In April TBG launched a new health information library for Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM) on Sitecore. In addition to a beautifully designed modern user experience, this site includes a complex use of taxonomy to drive usability, and a highly customized integration with repositories of source content that are further adapted to this purpose. TBG also developed related website sections that draw from the same content hub.

In this project we learned a great deal about creating colloquial taxonomy and personalization structures for commercial health information content. The implementation also forms the basis of a component library for future Sitecore development by Hopkins Medicine.

The site is also remarkably flexible—making best-practice use of Sitecore’s excellent Helix standard for flexibility and modularity. Through this project, we deepened our understanding of 100% component-based implementations in Sitecore, and how far the HELIX model can be taken. The project also makes extensive use of alternate Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) versions, designed for speed and readability, that drive increased findability for newly published content in Google. These are best practices for any commercial healthcare site with unique content—and in this project we were able to take them to a particularly high level. This site is Hopkins’ first venture on Sitecore, and made great, full use of this leading CX platform.

Building the site was also heavily focused on best practices. The site was built with highly automated development and deployment processes, integrating with Git and Jira, and managing deployments with automated testing. The JHM site launch is a milestone project for TBG and a great collaboration with a longtime client we’ve worked with on various projects for over 15+ years!

Vitas Website Desktop View Designed by TBG on Sitecore

VITAS Health (National Hospice Brand)

VITAS Healthcare, the nation’s largest single hospice brand, helps patients and families through a difficult transition. TBG worked with VITAS to create a digital experience to match the quality of care and attention to detail that VITAS offers its patients and partner healthcare professionals. We worked closely with the VITAS team to develop the user cases, usability considerations and messaging to achieve a world-class site. We launched this site in March.

TBG redesigned and architected the site in Sitecore hosted in Azure, making full use of Azure Search. The site also includes integrations that bring together all sorts of data across the VITAS digital operation—using Yext for locations data, ICIMS for hiring content, a custom system for referrals, and integration with Adobe as a DAM for video content. The site is fully functional for personalization and automation triggers, with next steps of this work already underway between TBG and the VITAS team.

Lancaster General Health Mobile View Designed by TBG on Sitecore

Lancaster General Health (Penn Medicine)

In March TBG helped long-time client Penn Medicine bring their new acquisition of Lancaster General Health, a regional health system, into their award-winning digital ecosystem. While TBG has migrated and redesigned several regional hospitals in Sitecore for Penn, Lancaster General was a new challenge due to its size and complexity—complexity which was reflected in the build of the site.

Aligned with the UX strategy that was developed by TBG for Penn and allowing Lancaster Health to use advanced features from Penn such as a robust, custom provider search, the site hit an important balance between the standards we’ve implemented for the entirety of the Penn ecosystem and the specific needs and use cases of Lancaster, which at times added new cases to the mix. The site was developed to impact regional SEO, and to preserve the previous site’s URL organic search value.

It was a also a project of integrations.The site incorporates Epic Open Scheduling, a health library integration with HealthWise content, a custom blog, and uses Coveo search. The project also involved a large content migration effort that included the creation of a complex taxonomy. In building the site, we used an automated import of content formatted in Word documents before all development was completed.

This project represents another successful collaboration between TBG and Penn Medicine, after 7 years of amazing work—and it hit a high water-mark for coordinated effort, involving over 28 people across the two teams. Another great collaboration with Penn!

Memorial Health System Website with Video Hero Area

Memorial Health

Memorial Healthcare System is a highly regarded health system headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, incorporating the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. TBG upgraded and transformed the site for this South Florida health system, taking over the site from a troubled implementation by another Sitecore vendor and completely rebuilding it using contemporary Helix best practices, with a variety of redesigned sections. The new site is high performance, and does a successful job positioning the organization in its market and providing a more flexible approach to its market. The site was developed on Sitecore 9.0 on Azure, using Azure search.

Some of the key areas of improvement in the project include improvements to provider search, improved events listings including integrations with Eventbrite, improved site search using Azure search, and improvements throughout the site to taxonomy.

Southern Illinois Healthcare Website designed by TBG on Sitecore

Southern Illinois Healthcare

TBG built this state-of-the-art Sitecore ecosystem for Midwestern regional up-and-comer, Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH). Built on Sitecore 9 and hosted on Azure, TBG approached the very contemporary design of the site to match SIH’s new brand, and to provide a CMS implementation that would make life easy for the digital team. The site was built on Sitecore Helix and hosted on Azure with fast time to market.

There were many levels to this project beyond rebranding and repositioning the organization. TBG worked to reorganize and condense the content from the previous site, integrate with Google Maps, and build the site ready for personalization. Work between SIH and TBG is ongoing, so look for additional features and releases in the coming period.

Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital Desktop View Designed by TBG on Sitecore

Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital

Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH) is a joint venture between two TBG clients, Hopkins Medicine and University of Maryland Medical System. This modular site was quickly spun up using the UX framework that was previously developed in Sitecore Helix. This allowed for MWPH to have a beautifully designed responsive site in a very short timeframe, and to benefit from efficiencies across digital teams.

The site built on our long history of work with Children’s hospitals, including Children’s National, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Childrens.com, and many others. The site’s development probably represented a speed record for time to market versus complexity, thanks to the carefully strategized approach to development.

TBG works flexibly with consumer healthcare and academic medical center clients around to country to create leading experiences, foster full digital transformations and alignments, and to implement Sitecore in a usable, operations-first approach.

Please reach out to us at contact@berndtgroup.net if we can help your organization.

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