The Future of the Default State

An Investigation into the Impact of Personalization on Global User Experiences

September 14, 2021 | John Berndt

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Personalization is usually thought of as an overlay to some other user-independent experience. Understandably, while this may often be the case, it is interesting to test the limits of that paradigm, and think about the impact, sustainability, and mechanics of experiences that are more heavily personalized and move away from the structure of launching from a default experience. What is possible? What would it mean?

TBG’s CEO John Berndt — a global expert on personalization — recently sat down with Kevin P. Nichols, The Personalization Wrangler, to explore what information development might look like if personalized content becomes commonplace. The two content pros discuss what happens when personalized content becomes pervasive and operationally sustainable and consumers grow accustomed to individualized experiences.

 Listen to their discussion on the All Things Content podcast on Spotify.


About John Berndt

A first-generation digital entrepreneur, John Berndt began his work in the digital space in 1991—building on interests in music, philosophy, design, and logic. Today, he is a sought-after advisor for leading organizations on digital strategy and operations with a broad knowledge of contemporary practice and platform considerations. With his national CX firm TBG (The Berndt Group, Ltd.) he has worked intensely in the healthcare, financial services, nonprofit, B-to-B, B-to-C, and government sectors and has a broad knowledge of sector dynamics in those areas. As CEO of TBG, he is primarily focused on the challenges of large-scale digital transformation work on complex ecosystems, automation, nuances of customer data, privacy, and personalization. He has been a Sitecore MVP since 2014, is the author of the book “Personalization Mechanics” (available on Amazon), and he is the co-founder of substantive industry group, The Consortium of Personalization Professionals.

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I'm CEO of TBG and I've been thinking about the Web in creative ways since the year it began.

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