How Do We Love Thee, TBG? Let Us Count the Ways

November 1, 2016 | Michelle Geczy

How do we love thee, TBG? On our 25th anniversary, TBG staffers count the ways (Sonnet...25). Dynamic and challenging work and an impressive client list; check! Awesome co-workers with a variety of knowledge, expertise and interests (painters, musicians, field hockey players, and fire dancers!). Cooperation, sharing, caring, skill building and the opportunity to explore the (digital and technical) space (more cowbell). A central location in Hampden, with TBG staff biking and walking to work. These are just a few stanzas of our 25th anniversary sonnet. 

We've created a stimulating, pleasant work environment built on mutual respect where there is room to learn and express ourselves. An open-minded work environment with an enormous potential for growth, high employee retention, and outstanding, award-winning output. Uninhibited brainstorming, a healthy sense of humor, passionate drive, teamwork, smarts, and high-quality results are the hallmarks of TBG. We're happy to be here. We enjoy our work. We're not just co-workers; we're a big goofy family. Happy to be on this journey together, we take pride in TBG's accomplishments and what we've created over the last 25 years, excited about what the future holds. Here's to the next 25, TBG!

And did we say...donuts?


Dynamic & Challenging Work

Ami, Manager of Marketing & New Business

The work is dynamic, diverse, and challenging, and my co-workers are brilliant, supportive, creative, and encouraging. I learn something new every day; the pace is fast enough to keep me on my toes without being overwhelming or suffocating. Why would I want to work anywhere else?


TBG Folks Are the Tops!

Brittany, Account Manager

The people…since you spend most of your waking hours with your co-workers, it helps to be with a good group. My project teams are inquisitive, diligent, and cooperative—best-of-breed designers, strategists, and developers! I look forward to collaborating with them every day. TBG folks are the top.


Painters, Musicians, Fire Dancers, Oh My!

Joan, Senior UX Architect & Web Strategist

I work with painters, musicians, photographers, yogis, athletes, epicureans, and gamers to solve complex semiotic problems. Our brains are wired in more than one way since we all have other interests and hobbies outside of our careers. The combination of skills results in a high level of problem solving, creativity, and critical inquiry—and just fun people to hang out with!


Definition of a Dream Job

Erika, Senior Account Manager

I wake up every day and do something I am passionate about, with people who love what they do. We collaborate well, solve problems together, and reap the rewards of our hard work. It’s the definition of a Dream Job and why I've continued to work at TBG over the years.


Cooperation Will Keep Me Here

Steph, Quality Assurance Specialist

It’s like working with a big smart, goofy many different personalities, backgrounds, passions, and yet we all come together and make things happen that result in exciting, successful projects. It’s the most collaborative place I’ve ever worked, and that’s what will keep me here for years!


Sharing is Caring

Maura, Account Manager

We love to share! Sharing is caring and we share all… snacks, ideas and suggestions, challenges and magical moments. Working through a complex UX problem on a project or a mind-bending technical architecture issue? Your TBG team has your back! Need a recipe or car repair recommendation, we've got that covered too!


Explore the Space (More Cowbell!)

Ryan, Senior Developer

Team members are encouraged to explore and introduce new and exciting technologies that are discovered. The awesome reality is that, it isn't just theory—very often, these germs of an idea are realized in real world applications and are used by the masses!


Sharpen Your Skillz

Kevin, Technical Director

There are always new technologies to learn and opportunities to sharpen our skills. When someone learns something new, they're excited to share their knowledge with the team. The field is constantly changing, and trends come and go, which means we never get bored.


Walk to Work

Sam, Front-End Developer

The urban location of TBG's headquarters in Baltimore allows for accessibility through multiple means of transit. I have co-workers who walk, bike, carpool, and take public transit. I'm fortunate enough to be on foot every day and enjoy some outdoor time before and after the workday. I love walking to work!


Location, Location, Location!

Ashley, UX Designer

Hampden is one of my favorite neighborhoods. There's always great new food to try, antiques and oddities to browse, or a TBG happy hour to go to! I can pick up treats for my dog at Howl on my lunch break or try out a new quirky ice cream flavor with my co-workers at The Charmery. We're lucky to have so many amenities within walking distance.


Compelling, Impressive Clients

Josh, Director of Account Management

We work with a diverse and interesting group of large-scale and impressive clients across the country. Everything from private companies to corporations and government clients, hospitals and healthcare systems, professional associations, art museums, attractions, and nonprofits, among others. The projects are complex, challenging and stimulating; we thrive on working with our impressive client base to really understand their business problems and successfully solve their digital transformation issues.


Your Voice is Heard Here

Katie, Director, Digital Strategy & UX

Everyone has some influence, not only on a project, but on internal processes as well. One of the advantages to being a mid-size company is that we are more able to pivot, to change, to evolve. Things like adopting Slack can happen overnight. Bigger changes still take some time, obviously, but all it takes is for someone—anyone—to plant the seed of an idea. People are quick to volunteer to help the idea grow and to get it to a place where we can test it, iterate on it, and strive to make it a reality.


Always Thinking

Michelle, COO

We don't chase trends just to chase 'em. Our work is informed by thoughtful, intelligent analysis and creative problem-solving that generates grounded, real world solutions. We have a firm grasp on best practices and we are excited and inspired by the ever-changing nature of our industry. We're incredibly thorough, serious, and creatively engaged with our projects. We don't believe that one-size-fits-all. We're passionately focused on quality work and appropriate solutions to continuously improve and evolve our own internal processes and structures and for our clients. We're not trying too hard to be the cool kid...but TBG's ability to successfully deliver on large, complex projects for 25 years, is pretty cool.


Did We Say Donuts?

Eric, Office Manager

Happy hours, office lunches, Breakfast Club Fridays, and donuts…lots of donuts! We like to eat here at TBG; food is love and a little morning sugar buzz can only improve productivity. We celebrate site launches, workiversaries, birthdays, babies, and weddings with equal enthusiasm. We're co-workers, who also care about one another. Any reason to get the gang together, is good!

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