Back to School with TBG: As Lifelong Learners, We’re Always Thinking

September 3, 2019 | Bonnie Crawford

We at TBG are highly intellectual, serious, and creatively invested in the world. We are best at digging deep into complex issues and we embrace challenges, finding them to be fun and rewarding. TBG’s culture is defined by our love of learning. Whether we are keeping abreast of changing industry strategies, tools, and techniques, or we are exploring new creative avenues in our personal lives, TBG team members live by TBG’s credo, Always Thinking.

In the spirit of the “Back to School” season, check out what TBG’ers are engaged with, to fuel their passion for learning.

Amy is learning metal working

Metalworking & Jewelry Making

Amy, Senior Developer

I’m taking a class in the evenings learning all about how to make jewelry and work with various metals! I'll be working hands-on in a workshop, learning techniques like sawing, soldering, polishing, riveting, surface embellishment, forming, and fabrication in order to create awesome pieces of jewelry.

Joe is learning about Project managment and website development

The “How” & “Why” We Do What We Do ”

Joe, Account Manager

As a Project Manager, there’s always a need to grow and improve, especially in our ever-growing industry. I've started to do more research online, asking more questions to understand the development side of our work, plus follow industry news and digital trends to better serve our team and clients. Lately I’ve been reading about Headless CMS and took advantage of PluralSight’s free weekend to learn a bit more about ASP.NET.

Erika is developing a green thumb

Pleasing Pollinators

Erika, Senior Account Manager

Growing up, I never had a green thumb, but over the last few years my skills have caught up to my love of plants and pollen-lovers alike. This year after a bunch of research and trial and error, I have planted my best pollinator garden yet! Moon flowers for the moths (keep them out of the direct sun!) sunflowers and zinnias for the butterflies and bees (and the finches that eat the petals) and parsley for the swallowtail butterflies and their babies. If the bees are pleased, we all benefit. And they're beautiful, to boot.

Kasey is reading about Leonardo DaVinci

Walter Isaacson’s Da Vinci

Kasey, Account Manager

I’m reading a biography of Leonardo Da Vinci. The book spans from his childhood to adult years, covering all aspects of his life. It really delves into who he was as a person and scholar, rather than focusing on the things he studied or made. It’s been so exciting to learn more about the man behind the legendary intellect and talent, and I can’t wait to read more!

Dan is learning to fix cars

Car Repair

Dan, Senior Developer

I didn't grow up as a gearhead so car repair was always intimidating. Last year, some friends invited me to endurance race hoopties with the 24 Hours of Lemons and seeing what it takes to keep those junkers running all weekend really demystified cars for me. With the confidence gained from fixing our junker of a race car, I've started doing all of my own maintenance and repairs on my daily driver. It's amazing what you can learn from watching YouTube videos.

Dave is pursuing an advanced degree in mathematics

Advanced Studies in Topology 

Dave, Senior Developer

I'm enrolled in the Master of Mathematics program at Morgan State University.  My main focus is in the field of topology, specifically how topological ideas may be leveraged in Data Analysis.  With these tools we'll be better able to compare the information in multi-dimensional data sets and discover less obvious correlations. 

Susan is studying yoga

The Eight Limbs of Yoga 

Susan, Director of Digital Strategy & User Experience

I recently completed her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from BambooMoves Yoga in Baltimore. It was a major accomplishment and long-time goal for me to deepen my knowledge of the eight limbs of yoga, expand my own practice, and share the benefits of yoga with others. 

Emilie is playing the mandolin


Emilie, Senior Account Manager

I haven't been playing music for the last few years and I missed it, so I decided to pick up the mandolin because my grandfather plays. It has been something for us to connect over. Playing music relaxes me, so I enjoy practicing in the evenings to unwind.

David listens to podcasts

TouchPoint Podcast

David, Digital Analytics Consultant

I’ve found tremendous value in listening to podcasts, particularly the TouchPoint podcast which is tailored specifically to digital marketing topics within hospitals and healthcare industry. It’s probably the coolest thing in the world to have a podcast about the industry and the type of work that you are involved with on a day-to-day. It’s especially valuable because I can bring in the strategies, best practices, and ideas to the work we do for our clients at TBG.

Bonnie is learning to design for machine embroidery. 

Machine Embroidery 

Bonnie, Manager, Marketing & New Business

I have been learning to use machine embroidery software to create my own embroidery designs. Once the designs are digitized, I am able to send the files to a computerized embroidery machine to stitch the patterns into fabric. The process is similar to learning other digital graphics software like Adobe Illustrator. 

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Bonnie Crawford, Manager, Marketing and New Business
Bonnie Crawford

I'm the Manager of Marketing & New Business at TBG. Outside of work, I am a mother of two and a practicing visual artist.

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