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June 9, 2021 | John Berndt

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We are so pleased to announce that 2021 is TBG’s 30th year in continuous operation—a major benchmark, and a vanishingly rare circumstance for a privately owned, completely independent, award winning digital experience agency of our caliber. We are excited for the future and always striving to be the best at what we do. We want to take the time this year though, to reflect on where we have been, and to give voice to the many talented team members at TBG who collectively hold unbelievably deep digital knowledge. Knowledge as an agency accumulated over 30 years, but embodied in the expert consultant, engineers, and designers of TBG today. We've created a series of interview videos capturing poignant insights from some of this amazing, super smart, loveable group.

TBG has spent the last 30 years honing its craft, carefully recruiting the best professionals, developing an excellent and consistent collaborative culture; and enjoying relatively unprecedented stability among digital agencies. For 30 years we’ve enjoyed zero layoffs despite three financial crises in our industry, and never had a moment of legal trouble. The team—and the vibe—within the company is a source of tremendous inspiration and pleasure.

The firm has gone through many interesting stages of development and we’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge along the way. From our turbo-charged beginnings at the start of the web, when we started designing major high traffic websites, we learned the value of hard work and the challenges of working with large organizations like The World Bank, The NEA, Smith Barney Shearson, and Sports Authority. Then, a long period where we became one of the best regarded regional web developers (while still maintaining national clients), known for our exceptional design, and being ahead of the curve on many aspects of digital operations, landing major clients like STX Lacrosse, The Rouse Company, General Electric, Raytheon, and many other sophisticated, substantial clients.

TBG really got going (and life in the digital space got even more interesting) in the early 00’s when TBG turned its head to the platform space. On the eve of launch our own content management system (available in ASP and Java flavors!) we decided to look at the competitive space in more detail and became fascinated by the customer experience and portal space, quickly becoming experts in the wide range of emerging platforms. By 2006 we had developed major sites across 13 content management system (CMS) platforms, and were widely respected nationally as experts in CMS best practices, managing large website projects that combined excellent strategy, user experience, and rock-solid technology to produce really sustainable and beautiful sites, for a wide variety of national nonprofit, government, professional association, and B-to-C clients.

2006 was also the real start of our now industry-leading healthcare practice, and also a significant year as we engaged with the excellent CX platform Sitecore; a platform which displaced many of our other tools and became a core aspect of our practice. After nearly 15 years with the platform, we are a long time leading Sitecore partner and an extremely active member of the organization’s elite partner advisory board. Through Sitecore, more than 10 years ago, we began developing what is now a leading personalization practice, which expanded to other tools, customer data platforms, and to John Berndt co-founding the well-respected Consortium of Personalization Professionals.

Today TBG is a sought-after consultant for larger organizations taking on the challenges and opportunities of personalization, and developing large complex Sitecore ecosystems, custom applications, and Jamstack / Mach Architecture / headless solutions—all driven by a highly developed strategy practice. This spans many sectors, but our practice is a leading one in healthcare with an unbelievable list of happy clients; as well as highly developed practices around financial services and large-scale B-to-B endeavors. The future is bright, and we continue to glory in meaningful work, solving major problems for interesting clients, with a large team in the U.S. and operations in Bulgaria.

TBG got here because of its people, their curiosity, creativity, and attention to detail. A diverse and high functioning group of individuals, each TBG team member carries an individual and collective insight that drives our practice forward. Over the years, innumerable amazing people have played a significant role in pushing the firm forward—many of them unexpected surprises. From the early systems administrator who wore pajamas to work and made poignant comments that influenced the firm’s direction, to the young developer creating apps on his own with no formal professional experience who turned out to be a methodical monster Sitecore programmer, to the junior project manager who rose to be our widely respected COO (Chief Operating Officer), and many others, TBG has always been a collection of inspired individuals.

We hope you will get to know some of our current team members and hear their insights about the complexity of user experience, digital operations, building a firm culture, and what it takes to get large digital projects right. Most of all, we hope you’ll get to know some of our inspired team members, the kind of individuals who have made this excellent 30-year journey so meaningful.

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