30 Years in the Making

July 8, 2021 | John Berndt & Bonnie Crawford

Team members at TBG collectively hold unbelievably deep digital knowledge. Knowledge as an agency accumulated over 30 years, but embodied in the expert consultant, engineers, and designers of TBG today. This series of interview videos captures poignant insights from some of this amazing, super smart, loveable group.

Senior Account Manager, Rebecca Kfoury discusses interdependencies between user experience and content as well as how minor changes to "micro copy" can have major impacts.

Audrey Guillemot, Director of Quality Assurance at TBG describes our process for testing ecosystems that are built for flexibility.

Creative Director Julia Niederman explores how TBG achieves design that transcends the latest trends.

Senior Developer & Lead Architect Dave Evans articulates why graph databases are superior for modeling the real world as data.

Melissa McMacken, Manager of User Experience & Research, discusses what user centric design reveals about organization imperatives and politics.

Burgundy James, our Manager of Technical Resourcing & Escalations, shares insights into what developers really need in order to be most productive.

Director of Digital Strategy & User Experience Susan Iovenitti discusses how the practice of user experience is evolving.

TBG's Senior Developer Eugene Zhuravel shares the critical considerations around extending a platform with custom development.

In the following video, Erika Madison, Senior Account Manager & Manager of Process Implementation discusses how she thinks of organizing large digital processes.

Michelle Géczy, our Chief Operating Officer discusses how making the right choices in hiring can create a solid company culture.

Check back here for more videos to be released throughout the year.

About the Authors

John Berndt

I'm CEO of TBG and I've been thinking about the Web in creative ways since the year it began.

Bonnie Crawford, Manager, Marketing and New Business
Bonnie Crawford

I'm the Manager of Marketing & New Business at TBG. Outside of work, I am a mother of two and a practicing visual artist.

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