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Web Operations ConsultingTBG doesn’t simply crank out sites and digital properties—we build serious infrastructure that has a life and is carefully tuned to our clients’ operational realities. 

The depth of our thinking about how systems will actually used—and about the resources actually available to realize our proposed strategies—is a key differentiator of our firm.

It is our dedication to our clients, and our long experience of collaboration with our client’s web teams, that has brought us to an unusual level of expertise in the planning, staffing, and managing web operations. 

Today, we not only bring this “special sauce” to the discussions and outcomes in all of our large website projects, but we also are frequently hired as consultants to help organizations tune and upgrade their web operations. 

Some of the areas we specialize in:

  • Overall web governance—including high level institutional structure, procedures, and reporting structure.
  • Planning multi-stage, sometimes multi-year development roadmaps.
  • Correctly sizing teams, and having the right mix of expertise and specific skills.
  • Organizing content development efforts, and developing content-centric web team culture.
  • Analytics, tracking, ROI calculation, and the repeatable culture of meaningful metrics within the organization.
  • Overlaps with other areas, like CMS product selection, CRM strategy, and multi-site strategy.

With eyes-wide-open experience in interactive design and digital marketing spanning back to 1991, TBG provides fresh analysis, grounded observation, and compelling frameworks to think about these issues. Organizations ranging from larger nonprofits to multi-billion-dollar commercial concerns have strongly profited from our work to help them identify next steps and find a clear path to digital efficiency and impressive operational gains. 

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