While most users take advantage of site search once and a while, for a growing percentage of users, Internet search isn’t an afterthought, but is rather a central way they get to information. 

As the “browse experience” for large sites becomes increasingly challenging in the mobile space, search will only become more important. While most web developers seem to think of search as an afterthought, at TBG we consider it one of the legs of the table.

That’s why we take the time to understand the fine use cases and nuances of search experience, as well as the underlying theory and technology of search. 

Many TBG sites make robust use of search, including large, multi-site, federated, and content-personalized implementations.

We are no strangers to:

  • “Type Ahead”—in all of  its variations
  • Faceted search, and integration with metadata
  • “Curated Search” where users can determine top results manually
  • Permissions-based results
  • Multi-platform searching (across multiple CMS products)
  • Search log reporting
  • Adaptive search, based on user behavior

Ranging from larger enterprise products to integrated products like Coveo/Sitecore to Open Source systems like Lucene, we don’t give search short shrift. Instead, we make search sing!