omnichannel digital marketing

onmichannel marketing Maybe once there was a time when websites and email were alpha and omega of digital channels, but that time has long since passed. 

With complex, overflowing, overlapping options through social media and video channels continuing to grow, mobile apps bursting at the seams, and web TV getting real, you need a strong partner to understand the interactions between these fronts and your core digital marketing strategy. And you need to learn how to grow and adapt—efficiently, and without overextending—your organization.

Some of the areas where TBG works to develop strategies and plans for our clients include:

  • Strategies that span multiple channels. Finding the right tool for the right job at the right time, over complex customer engagement patterns.
  • Execution of omnichannel campaigns that span websites, landing pages, social sites, emails and paid advertising (SEM).
  • Tracking, personalization, and CRM connections between campaigns and publications in various channels—including technical integrations.
  • Operations consulting and training to enable small marketing departments to manage—and master—multi-channel digital strategies.

At TBG, we view user experience and brand content as elements that consumers will always encounter through multiple digital channels—and guess what? Consumers don’t give a flying fig if they are on Facebook, a website, looking at your ATM screen, or pulling up a forwarded piece of content on their digital watches. To them, it is all content and all your brand, and the stakes are rising for coherent communications, multi-channel engagement patterns, and consistency of content.

Given a plethora of technologies, vendors, and workflows, TBG can show you how to reach the low-friction, high value engagement with your customers that you need. 

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