CRMCustomer Relations Management (CRM) is one of the communication backbones of the enterprise world and has an increasing roll for healthcare, nonprofit, and some government clients—allowing organizations to organize and leverage data about their constituents and customers. 

Increasingly, as experts in CMS content personalization, TBG’s websites make full use of customer data from CRM systems and their vertical market equivalents (for instance AMS or Association Management Systems for professional associations), often leveraging complex implementations built in or Microsoft Dynamics.

CRM is not only a factor in CMS implementation (where CRM data is often integrated, used to control access and personalize content, and used to log user behavior in some cases), but also as part of true multi-channel digital strategies, which rely on CRM for automation, tracking, reporting, and decision-making data. 

As experts in digital multi-channel strategy, TBG is invested in making sure our clients make the best use of CRM, and allow their digital products to serve highly targeted, highly strategic goals. We consult and help our clients pick the right systems—and with the help of some strong, highly reliable partners, implement best-of-breed CRM solutions.