CX-CMSFor websites with over a few hundred pages, the labor saving automation and control provided by web content management systems (alternately called CMS or CX) are a crucial piece of the puzzle—but they harbor two problems. First, selecting a CMS can be difficult because there are hundreds of similar seeming products, not to mention difficult decisions between commercial and Open Source options. Second, real knowledge about how to get the value out of the products is in short supply. Both of these issues are where TBG comes into the picture, and shines.

Since 2002, we’ve been on a nearly 24/7 quest to be the most informed and grounded CMS consultant and developer in the country, evaluating scores of systems and implementing hundreds of sites in varied markets. Focusing on understanding mid-market, enterprise, and Open Source options, TBG has a panoramic perspective of CMS/WCM matched by few firms. As developers, we have hands on experience with more than ten significant systems, and active partnerships with some of the leading vendors.

In our projects, we solve client problems including: 

  • CMS/CX Selection
    Finding the right platform that matches organizational needs, technology, budget, and CMS vendor culture.

  • Platform Return on Investment
    Calculating ROI and making the right arguments for CMS/CX acquisition and any necessary related operational changes.

  • Digital Development Roadmaps
    Planning operational roadmaps and technical project plans for acquiring and implementing CMS, including multi-site, multi-channel, federated content scenarios.

  • System Usability
    Creating usable back-ends that maximally leverage client staff to get maximally efficient, accurate publishing done—taking full advantage of the automation built into the platforms.

  • CMS Implementation Architecture
    Developing the right, future-proof way to model your site and content in the CMS, so that you get the most out of the product for years to come and aren’t broadsided by the next wave of development à la Responsive Web Design.

  • Implementation & Testing
    TBG implements full builds of even very large CMS projects using our excellent in-house team, and extended resources, using highly structured, QA-perfect processes.

  • Content Migration
    Getting your site content from its previous state (web pages or other CMS) into a new system is a complex matter, with many planning and technical considerations. TBG approaches this with a ton of experience and proprietary methodologies that make this faster and more coherent.

  • Training
    Ultimately CMS rests on strong user adoption—and TBG makes this possible, not only through highly usable implementations, but also through tailored training. We don’t teach how to use the CMS—instead we teach how to manage your particular site(s) in a way that makes sense to users and we focus on key tactical steps, all with strong documentation.