web operations consulting

Web operations consultingIf you build enough large websites and complex digital products, you’ll quickly realize that infrastructure and strategy only go so far—unless they are backed up by solid digital operations planning and by strong teams with the right processes, skills, and time to sustain them. However, really good information about how to fine tune a digital operation is often in short supply and organizations find it difficult to get the guidance they need.

TBG (The Berndt Group) consults to help organizations with these areas:

  • Web Governance: how decisions should best be made at the highest levels, tuned to the realities of your organization;
  • Feasibility and sustainability of specific content strategies and outsourcing content creation;
  • Multi-year budgeting and staffing considerations;
  • What to outsource vs. what to hold in-house, and the risks/rewards;
  • Website development and CMS purchase ROI;
  • How to get the best value out of analytics as well as tracking and valuing conversions;
  • Integrations between website activities and SEM, email, and landing pages;
  • Plans for distributing and controlling content authorship;
  • Reasonable controls and policies and procedures for Web departments;
  • CMS, multi-channel marketing, and
  • Change management, including understanding interactions with Responsive Web Design, SEO, federated content, new lines of business, etc.

We are heavily invested in the success of digital projects, for both our existing and new clients. At a variety of levels, we provide grounded, detailed analysis of the specific challenges and opportunities that exist for each organization and recommendations to move forward. We help organization draw the straight lines between their business goals and the necessary operational changes, to manage multi-phase digital transformations, and to bring their Web teams up to the state-of-the-art.

How many great websites have deteriorated through failed, unrealized content strategies? How many would have benefited from a single strong developer on staff, unlocking time to market? How many times a change in the process of governance could unlock far greater value from existing budgets? How far should you distribute content management in your organization?

TBG brings its formidable experience to bear on solving our clients’ operational blockages, getting the best value from their investments, and creating the most grounded plans that will sustain them.