redesign & CMS implementations

Redesign & CMS ImplementationsWe do many things well, but where we really shine is the planning and execution of large scale, holistically superior websites.

From conception to launch and beyond, TBG (The Berndt Group) helps large organizations get the true value out of their Web dollars, building sites that both perform AND last, and creating market differentiating web properties that give clear competitive advantage. 

Building large websites is TBG’s ultimate core competency—with special attention to the detailed intersections between strategy, content, user experience, and CMS best practices.

The secret of our approach? Not only have we been doing this for a very long time (largely with the same people), but we also were aware from Day One that we didn’t want to be strong in one area, weak in others—like so many other design- or tech- centric developers. 

For this reason, TBG has put tremendous effort over decades to be equally strong and completely integrated across these areas:

  • Project Management and planning
  • Discovery and analysis
  • Holistic, high level Web strategy
  • Development planning and platform selection
  • Content strategy
  • Usability, testing, and Information Architecture
  • Brand development and award-winning graphic design
  • Front-end coding and Responsive Web Design
  • Requirements gathering and CMS/CRM architecture
  • Platform implementation and custom development
  • Content migration
  • QA
  • Training
  • Analytics

Another secret? We are unusually CMS-centric, in that the platform and implementation details are not an afterthought but a major part of the redesign discussion—as is the long-term operational picture necessary to sustain the launched site. As national thought leaders in CMS best practices and product selection, we bring a huge level of knowledge and good judgment to how your new website design is supported and sustained over time. The best visual design or coolest content strategy can quickly fall apart if the platform that manages it is either not up to the task, or has been insufficiently thought through in the fine details of implementation. This emphasis has the result of keeping our sites looking good and performing for our clients far beyond industry averages.

The majority of our projects are large, full spectrum website redesigns that make use of all of these capabilities and more. Working from an industry leading knowledge and expansive talent base internally, we create deeply aligned and thoughtful approaches to all of the elements that go into create great websites. Many competing firms, even large and famous ones, have often invested heavily in strategy OR design OR technology and are weaker in areas that are outside of their core identity—or jobbing those areas out.

At TBG, we’ve self-consciously gone the other way, taking on the greater challenging of building excellence in all of these diverse areas—and also in bringing them as close together as possible culturally. We’ve done this because, though extremely difficult, it is the only real way to successfully achieve what we do—building excellent, sustainable websites.