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Content management (CMS or WCM) and Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems exist right on the cusp between marketing and I.T. Selecting the right systems that provide the features that marketing needs with the stability and support concerns of I.T. can be daunting for many organizations who try to work internally to understand the incredible range of rather similar seeming products available at radically different price points. We are here to help.

In 2002, TBG (The Berndt Group) was on the verge of launching our own commercial CMS framework, and we decided to do some competitive research on other systems. We are glad we did, as we found new love. Making a neck-breaking 180, we ditched our own platform (and the idea of proprietary platforms in general) and immediately shifted our energies to understanding the hundreds of varied commercial and Open Source CMS platforms that were popping up all over the world. Our goal shifted to becoming national experts in all things CMS, portal, marketing automation, and on digital communication platforms generally.

We’ve never looked back, we’ve never slowed down, and it has never gotten boring.

Today, we are expert, seasoned consultants for organizations that want to build their digital infrastructure and make the best purchase decisions possible, in line with their organizational goals, challenges, and operational realities. Over the years we have helped major organizations like Stanley Black & Decker, Penn Medicine, UPMC, AIPAC, Provident Bank, and Loyola University Maryland adopt products that helped transform their businesses. We specialize in CMS and portal products, but also help evaluate other systems for multi-channel marketing, email, CRM, analytics, and collaboration.

We help organizations in a variety of ways:

  • Education to understanding the breakdown of the product space and options.
  • Analysis of current Web operations, opportunities and challenges in regards to platform selection.
  • Development and prioritization of macro- and micro- requirements.
  • Vendor research.
  • Budget development.
  • Narrowing to “short lists” of relevant, budget-appropriate vendors.
  • Running scripted, critical vendor demos.
  • RFP development and evaluation.
  • Vendor contract negotiation.  
  • Evaluation of vendor responses.
  • Recommendations and related management presentations.

Decisions about underlying technology can obviously have huge effects on the success or failures of Web strategies. Though in each class of product, the better products will typically provide 80% of the same, overlapping functionality, the devil is in the details of that remaining 20% percent.

TBG has direct developer experience in 20+ of the better CMS and portal platforms and industry leading perspective about the rest—having evaluated and researched innumerable systems. We also have a deep understanding of contemporary website requirements and Web operations and are able to bring to these evaluations, a truly grounded sense of how systems will be actually used.

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