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Multi-Site ImplementationThere is a huge difference between building a single large website, and building complex, multi-site, multi-region, multi-brand strategies. Far from a collection of “individual” websites, large organizations need overarching strategy, architecture, and infrastructure to get the most out of their multi-site strategies.

With a 23-year history featuring large organizations like Stanley Black & Decker, Pitney Bowes, General Electric, Rolls Royce, SafeNet, and others, TBG (The Berndt Group) has an unusual level of real world experience taking organizations from thinking around individual sites to global strategies and platforms. We help clients:

  • Plan and execute their multi-site strategies.
  • Select and adopt CMS/WCM platforms that make these strategies possible with efficiencies for real world Web teams.
  • Create useful, automated content reuse and federation between sites.
  • Implement meaningful multi-site search and personalization strategies.
  • Handle governance, policies and procedures, and rules across multiple sites.
  • Provide user experience that makes sense across multiple sites, localizations, and translations.
  • Create business-context-specific approaches to multi-brand scenarios, answering questions about tying sites together and building them on shared, reusable frameworks.
  • Strategize the differences between sites that are translated to specific languages and those that are localized for specific markets or cultures.
  • Create usable and meaningful CMS/WCM architectures and implementations to enable all of the above.

Many of TBG’s clients today have multiple sites, brands, translations, localizations, you name it. TBG helps clients make the best use of different Web properties within centrally managed systems. We provide workable architectures for federated content, search, localization, and sensible SEO strategies for multi-site implementations—because each site needs to be great, but sometimes, that’s just the start of the conversation.

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