multi-channel and social media

Multi-channel and social mediaAlthough websites and Web platforms (CMS/WCM/engagement platforms) continue to be a focus for organizations’ digital operations, a lot is changing. 

That’s why over the last decade, TBG has increasingly focused on the bigger picture of multi-channel strategies and digital operations, often highly integrated with a central website or sites, but branching into extremely varied communication vehicles such as:

  • Email
  • SEM/SEO landing pages
  • Digital advertising
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Mobile “native” apps
  • Call centers
  • Personalized content, including across multiple sites
  • Syndicated content
  • Etc.

Special-use silos have radically changed the Internet, which amount to new dimensions that have the potential to interact or operate independently. User behavior is frequently changing at a meta-level, and users are used to brands engaging them over multiple digital platforms that match their real world behavior. The digital space is increasingly fragmented, with many Web, email, and social tools performing many different jobs, and overlapping in complex ways.

In this environment, a static website just isn’t going to cut it anymore as users spend more and more time in specialized digital spaces. Yet many organizations only dip in: a few landing pages, an email campaign, some AdWords, maybe a soon-to-decay Native mobile app; often all conceived and executed in rigid operational silos and never to cross-pollinate or cross-promote. There is too much at stake to just dabble—these channels need the same sort of attention you lavish on your core website.

TBG (The Berndt Group) helps its clients make sophisticated use of all of the tools and get the most from aligned multi-channel interactions. We provide guidance and implementation for organizations to:

  • Conceive, execute and track specific multi-channel campaigns—with a focus on ROI.
  • Create meaningful, usable integrations between Web, email, and CRM.
  • Build digital teams that have leading-edge perspective on multi-channel issues.
  • Align brand experience across multiple channels.
  • Integrate multi-channel activities better with core websites and cross-project efficiencies.
  • Build their digital organizations to support a wider range of channels.

It can be extremely daunting for both small marketing teams and even organizations with larger budgets to make concerted use of the new multi-channel landscape—yet all the while users expect ever greater brand and campaign continuity, and there are dramatic opportunities to grow constituencies and drive conversions. Partners that really understand this stuff—even among the larger digital agencies—are in short supply.

For TBG, curiosity, depth of capability and a tool-agnostic approach to digital strategy are in our DNA. Let’s work together to find the best ways for your organization to seize the day and make the best use of these new techniques and tools—and the ones that inevitably come after.

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