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Bento boxEven for the (unknown) “anonymous user,” websites no longer have to deliver the same website and experience to each user. 

The better contemporary CMS/WCM platforms and other third-party systems have begun to bring dig data content targeting techniques down to the shop floor. 

Adventurous Web teams are starting to personalize the content in their websites, and TBG (The Berndt Group) is helping them do it—providing industry leading thought leadership in the areas of personalization technology selection, personalization strategy, and operational logistics and tracking.

We help design websites and enable even smaller Web teams to personalize content and experience, getting the right user to the right content at the right time. 

Techniques we use:

  • Anonymous user behavior (viewed content, time on site, number of visits, etc.)
  • Audience profiling
  • Achieved conversions or goals
  • Referring sites (inbound links)
  • Geographic location
  • Company or network of origin
  • CRM history (transactions, membership, preferences, etc.)
  • Email, Search Engine Marketing, and Campaign Page interactions

Why is content personalization so important today?

Since the beginning of the Web, Web vendors and clients alike have wrestled with a basic contradiction in building websites and other digital experiences. The potential of the Web has always been caught up in the idea of delivering the right content or feature to the right user at the right time, with high usability. Organizations want this and users want this, but historically most of the concerted effort to make it happen has gone into theories about:

  • Page layout usability (the “scan” experience)
  • Navigation and tree structure usability (the “browse” experience)

Given the large number of types of users that may typically arrive at your site (not to mention their varied use cases), and the narrow window of attention where we can create good usability (‘the page” or “the screen”), one can see how this formulation puts tremendous pressure on a narrow range of options.

Content personalization, while not a fix-all, opens up a new dimension, a Z-axis, allowing the managers and designers of digital experiences to also work with varied presentations of content to different users or under different circumstances. Of course, this is an incredibly powerful technique in terms of driving both customer satisfaction and conversions, since users will encounter more of what they are looking for, or what validates a purchase, sooner and more predictably.

TBG approaches this both by helping our clients to develop concise, thoughtful strategies for specific personalization programs, and more generally by teaching the effective use of these technologies to Web teams—building on extensive, industry leading experience with the latest generation of content personalization frameworks.

Remarkably, though these techniques have been available for years, digital agency uptake is limited, perhaps because they only work building on top of carefully, well-architected CMS implementations, which are generally in short supply. TBG provides guidance that gives a competitive advantage to our clients to make the best use of this fundamental change in how the mainstream Web works.

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