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Digital Strategy & Development RoadmapsTBG (The Berndt Group) assists large organizations to develop high level digital strategies, organize (sometimes multi-year) development roadmaps, and create a grounded vision of what to do with their digital properties that can drive real return on investment. 

We bring to bear the combination of enormous real world experience, creativity, and analytical ability with the ability to carefully listen to our clients and put what they are saying into context—helping them to ultimately solve their real world business problems in the digital domain.

For major organizations like Penn Medicine, Johns Hopkins Institutions, UPMC, M&T Bank and many others, we are a trusted advisor that helps these organizations direct aspects of their overall digital efforts. We have also helped some large organizations develop comprehensive digital strategies and multi-year development roadmaps when we were not the ultimate developer of their sites.

Our approach to digital strategy includes:

  • Understanding existing circumstances, content, systems, customers, and their behavior.
  • Providing an overall vision and organization-specific values that can help orient future activities.
  • Crystallizing clear, actionable goals, and situating them into a sustainable, holistic framework.
  • Suggesting specific strategies in the areas of user experience, content, SEO, interaction, personalization, community, logistics, conversion optimization, search, and many other dimensions—along with tactical examples from similar organizations.
  • Developing unique Web concepts that create new utility and memorability. 
  • Evaluating different digital channels for different jobs.
  • Tying recommendations back to actionable development roadmaps, operational considerations, and ROI considerations.

Our strategy work both orients the potential sequence of projects and initiatives at a macro-level, and also orients many tactical decisions at a more project-oriented level. The strategies are not generic but rather highly context specific—and in the course of discussing them, we frequently also address the equally important domain of “all of the things that seem like a good idea in your situation but you should definitely NOT do.” Our clients appreciate that, too.

For larger organizations, we often go beyond the single site strategy to address holistic considerations like complex multi-channel customer interactions, multi-site strategies, automation, federated content, transactions (eCommerce and otherwise) and deep integrations with their technical infrastructure.

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