CRM integration

CRM IntegrationBrand impact, high usability and efficient content delivery are just the beginning of what make websites and other digital products powerful tools. When organizations put energy into deepening relationships with their visitors and treating them as individuals, it can be transformational to a business and to its Web operations.

TBG (The Berndt Group) frequently integrates with CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and specialized member and association management systems to create a bridge between different user interactions, allowing a richer response to the customer. 

CRM integration enables a variety of strategies including:

  • Content personalization based around previous user behavior.
  • Password-protected content for users based on type of user or user preferences.
  • Better user-centric tracking of behavior and transactions.
  • Multi-stage customer engagement plans for remarketing and deepening customer engagement, that automate customer interactions beyond the Web (email, snail mail, phone center, SMMS, etc.)
  • Self-service for renewals and group membership.
  • User purchase history.

TBG works directly with base CRM software to affect these capabilities, but also has specific deep experience in vertical market systems in areas like healthcare and professional associations, allowing for rapid, strategic and highly cost effective integrations.

We help our clients draw the straight lines between their investments in tracking their customers and those they make in building great Web experiences. Many of our sites make strong use of customer or member data to personalize experience, track behavior, and provide specialized access—creating a huge competitive advantage over more passive sites.