types of work

Since 1991, TBG has produced superb digital communications, often for challenging, big name clients. Over the years our capabilities set has deepened to include an industry leading approach for large, CMS/CRM-driven, fully Responsive websites, as well as strategy and support for multi-channel strategies and our clients’ ongoing digital operations.

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digital strategy & development roadmaps 

TBG assists large organizations to develop high level digital strategies, organize (sometimes multi-year) development roadmaps, and create a grounded vision that can drive real return on investment.

Platform Selection

platform selection 

Decisions about underlying technology can have huge effects on the success or failures of Web strategies. TBG has direct experience in 20+ CMS and portal platforms and industry leading perspective about the rest.

Redesign & CMS Implementations

redesign & CMS implementations 

Building large websites is TBG’s core competency—with special attention to the detailed intersections between strategy, content, user experience, and CMS best practices.

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responsive web design 

Intelligent templates and architectures that work for the full range of device sizes is a core part of our practice.  It’s the quality of user interaction—and the operational efficiencies to meet modern timelines—that make all the difference.

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experience personalization 

Even for the “anonymous (unknown) user,” websites no longer have to deliver the same website and experience to each user. TBG helps clients develop workable strategies for realizing the power of personalization.

CRM Integration

CRM integration 

Many of our sites make strong use of customer or member data to personalize experience, track behavior, and provide specialized access.

Multi-Site Implementation

multi-site implementation 

Many of TBG’s clients have multiple sites, brands, translations, localizations, you name it…TBG helps clients make the best use of different Web properties, within centrally managed content management systems. We provide architectures for federated content, search, localization, and sensible SEO strategies for multi-site implementations.

Multi-channel and social media

multi-channel and social media 

The digital space is increasingly fragmented, with many Web, email, and social tools performing many jobs—and all the while users expect brand and campaign continuity. TBG helps clients make sophisticated use of all of the tools and get the most from aligned multi-channel interactions.

Web operations consulting

web operations consulting 

How many great websites have deteriorated through failed, unrealized content strategies? How many would have benefited from a single strong developer on staff, unlocking time to market? TBG brings its formidable experience to bear on solving our clients’ operational blockages, getting the best value from their investments, and creating the most grounded plans that will sustain them.