Venable LLP

Sophisticated, Powerful Design for Major National Law Firm

Venable, LLP

TBG & Venable LLP

TBG (The Berndt Group) did a complete redesign of the Venable LLP site to create a new site which presented the firm as a sophisticated, powerful, law firm that prides itself on traditional values while still maintaining a current, progressive image.

The design needed to communicate the firm's brand message to a diverse audience group. In addition to building brand credibility among current and prospective clients, the site also needed to function as a tool to recruit highly skilled talent. We also integrated against a complex existing back-end database.

In redesigning the new site, TBG established a clear hierarchy of attention, making it easier for users to quickly find what they were looking for. In doing so, TBG created a highly intuitive site which showcased the client as one of the premiere law firms in the nation.