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CMS Selection & Consulting for a Leading University

Towson University

TBG & Towson University

After previously providing development guidance for a CMS platform that was eventually phased out, TBG (The Berndt Group) partnered with Towson University on a Web strategy and CMS selection consulting project for the well-known regional university.

Despite a strong core Web team, Towson was dealing with an unusual situation—over 300 website editors working in an inflexible publishing platform and associated governance model. With that in mind, TBG engaged Towson in an intensive discovery process wherein stakeholders from across the wide expanse of website editors were included in a series of requirements gathering sessions and interviews.

TBG developed a detailed Web strategy that informed requirements (including helping Towson rank them in order of importance) based on market best practices and the creation of a development roadmap. In addition, TBG gave general guidance on Web governance and participated in some of Towson's quarterly Web editor committee meetings. 

TBG's recommendations included:

  • technical infrastructure;
  • positioning and online branding considerations;
  • content strategy (including SEO optimization, content abstraction and reuse);
  • site usability recommendations;
  • operations considerations for workflow and permissions;
  • proposed staffing models; and
  • website governance recommendations.

This approach focused on Towson’s existing strengths, which included a brand architecture, strong understanding and documentation of players/stakeholders in Towson Web publishing, learnings from previous CMS projects, and strong campus community involvement and engagement with Web, social media, and online learning.