Successful Multi-site Implementation in a Competitive CRO Marketplace



PPD (a Contract Research Organization, or CRO) was using a proprietary content management system (CMS), as well as Drupal and WordPress to manage their online presence, made up of a series of websites and online campaigns. For the corporate website, PPDI.com, this resulted in an inefficient content management process, as well as poor SEO value due to the site having multiple subdomains built in different CMS platforms to keep up with ongoing business needs.

Supporting multiple CMS platforms was challenging to the small PPDi content management team from a resource standpoint, and created unnecessary challenges when the organization attempted to enhance and streamline their analytics and tracking processes.

Lastly, PPD's proprietary CMS had very limited features and capabilities, making most updates manual and time consuming, and left little room for future innovation or development.

PPD wisely contracted with Sitecore and TBG (The Berndt Group) to redesign and replatform their websites, allowing for use automated features and capabilities, including:

  • integration with Salesforce.com for leads from PPD's online campaign efforts;
  • easy to understand analytics;
  • automated publishing/expiration of content;
  • online and automated process workflows for content submission and review;
  • reusable templates and highly structured content types; and
  • automated content relationships (i.e. related links) via use of taxonomy.

In addition to the technical and operational improvements PPD experienced by adopting the Sitecore CMS, TBG worked with PPD on a multi-faceted content and visitor engagement strategy using TBG's structured design process.

The CRO marketplace is highly competitive, and PPD has a number of inherent strengths that are leveraged in the new site, and thus drive aspects of the user experience to better position the organization. An entirely new content strategy—touting PPD's track record, use of technology, staff expertise, and sense of responsibility in the community—and TBG's strong information architecture and hierarchical recommendations have created a leading Web presence for PPD in the CRO marketplace.

In addition to working on the www.ppdi.com site, TBG also worked with PPD to redesign www.bioduro.com.