National Center for State Courts

CMS Consulting & Enhancements for Leading National Resource for Court Services



Through a collaborative effort between the Conference of Chief Justices, the Conference of State Court Administrators and other associations of judicial leaders, the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) serves as the authoritative source and national resource for court services. Founded in 1971, the nonprofit organization serves as a national think tank, among other duties, on matters related to courts, and aims to help courts improve the administration of justice.

As a forward-looking organization, it came to no surprise to TBG (The Berndt Group) that NCSC’s websites were established in the Sitecore CMS. NCSC came to TBG to enhance their existing websites and create new templates for their main site and microsites. The code and layouts that were in place were using nonstandard code structures. TBG restructured the NCSC websites and upgraded their version of Sitecore CMS, allowing for more innovative development and preparation for future use of personalization and A/B testing. The upgrade and redevelopment also allowed for a more stable environment for NCSC, allowing the organization’s site to rely less on pre-structured code and more on standard .NET development practices, which are much more scalable.

TBG’s work added a number of features to the NCSC main site and microsites, including PDF generators, scheduling tools and other features to support the many conferences that NCSC hosts throughout the year. TBG also updated the iContact integration for email newsletters and other notifications. Additionally, TBG enhanced workflows for sections of the site where no workflow existed.

TBG’s expertise and knowledge of Sitecore allowed us to wade into an unclear coding situation and make strong, grounded recommendations for improvement. TBG recoded the site components without any downtime or major overhauls. The NCSC content managers and marketing team had a clear vision of the goals for the NCSC website and microsites, making the process to complete this ongoing project a successful one.