National Aquarium

Getting into the Swim of Things


TBG & National Aquarium

TBG (The Berndt Group) created a visually stunning interactive kiosk presentation for the National Aquarium to promote the reopening of the Dolphin Play show. The kiosks were featured at the entrance to the show.

The application kicked off with a complex attractor screen that featured dolphins swimming and jumping. As a user progressed through the sequence, they saw dolphin behaviors in action. Users could also sign up to receive Aqua Mail, the Aquarium's email newsletter, or a dolphin screensaver.

The kiosks required a high-level of sophisticated problem-solving and troubleshooting to anticipate user scenarios.

In tandem with the kiosk project, we worked on a special section of the website to highlight the Dolphin Show. We modified the kiosk application for the website; users could play a game that included the kiosk sequence, with an added segment where users learned about the relationship between dolphins and trainers and the types of tools trainers use.

We have worked on a number of other projects for the Aquarium, including several website redesigns; designing Aqua Mail, the Aquarium's email newsletter; and kiosk sequences and Web components for the Shark Quest exhibit. We also designed microsites for the Australia and Frogs exhibits and a Trip Planner application.