National Aquarium

A Chorus of Colors


TBG & National Aquarium

TBG (The Berndt Group) designed the exhibits section of the National Aquarium's website for "Frogs: A Chorus of Colors," an interactive exhibit at the Aquarium. The Frogs exhibit section featured interactivity through video, audio and imagery. Visitors could create their own Frogs "chorus of sound" by turning on one or more frogs at the same time, in keeping with the exhibit theme. Eight frogs chirped, croaked, and yelped as users create unique rhythms and tones. The exhibit section featured information about different frogs' species, e-postcards, and frog audio clip 'music' downloads.

Previous projects for the Aquarium included designing the "Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extremes" exhibit section of the site. TBG has worked with the Aquarium on many projects over the years, including a website design which won multiple awards for design and usability, including a Webby Award ("The Oscars of the Web"). TBG earned its third Webby Award for work on this Frogs microsite.