Maryland State Education Association

Digital Strategy & Development Roadmap for Major Higher Education Association

Maryland State Education Association


The Maryland State Education Association's (MSEA) mission is to provide Maryland's educators and public schools with the tools and support they need to help every student succeed, whether it's through lobbying in Annapolis for school funding and better pensions, bargaining decent salaries and working conditions at the local negotiating table, providing legal aid and expert assistance whenever needed, or ensuring access to meaningful professional development and training. TBG (The Berndt Group) worked with MSEA on a website redesign and CMS implementation project.

Implemented in the Ektron CMS, some of the highlights/features of the site include: 

  • Members-only access: the most intensive technical part of the project was the membership integration, working with the NEA's member database using a one-way JSON/API to validate/authenticate members; members can create an online account (and manage their profile information) in order to view members-only content, any invite-only forums in the discussion board that might exist, sign up for the e-newsletter, and sign-up for contests.
  • A graphic event calendar, using Ektron's graphic calendar and taxonomy to tag the events. 
  • An online community feature, using Ektron's discussion board feature.
  • Content re-usage: the normal news/events (events taxonomy) and related links (both internal and external links), but also the Take Action buttons, promo quotes, and member spotlights to name a few.
  • Poll and Survey templates so MSEA can create and promote member interactivity as needed.