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TBG & Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation (MAAF) believes that art is essential, that it has the power to transform individuals and communities, and in so doing helps define our society.

Established in 1979 to promote and support multi-state arts programming, MAAF develops partnerships and programs that reinforce artists’ capacity to create and present work, advance access to and participation in the arts, and promote a more sustainable arts ecology.

TBG (The Berndt Group) has a 10+ year partnership with Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation. We previously developed the organization’s main website, www.midatlanticarts.org as well as the award-winning Southern Exposure Performing Arts of Latin America site and have provided ongoing Web services and support over the years.

When it came time to redo their main website, MAAF again selected longstanding Web partner TBG. The current redesign project includes designing and implementing a highly usable and fully responsive new website that will better serve the needs of MAAF’s constituents as well as expand their reach in the arts community.

Working together, we identified the perceived shortfalls of the current site, prioritized the “must haves” and explored efficient ways to incorporate the “nice to haves” into the overall redesign project.  Using this information as the foundation for further exploration, TBG conducted a series of stakeholder interviews that included members of the primary audience groups that both validated and added to the list of goals for the new site, including:

  • accurately reflect the scope and nature of the work MAAF does;
  • provide a navigation scheme that’s efficient and task-oriented;
  • produce engaging, dynamic, Web-friendly content; and
  • create a sense of community.

With the goals of the site vetted, our next step involved developing a digital strategy that will not only achieve these goals, but will do so in a way that enhances the organization’s brand, stays within budget and is easily maintainable within the confines of the current staff.  Stay tuned for the launch of the new and improved www.midatlanticarts.org!