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Johns Hopkins Institutions

TBG & Johns Hopkins Institutions

Johns Hopkins Institutions comprises the leading medical, education and research institutions in world including The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins University and numerous affiliated entities. The breadth of the Johns Hopkins Institutions’ impact on global medicine, science, and technology markets are unparalleled in the U.S. and abroad.

Based on a longstanding relationship and history of providing best-of-breed digital products, Johns Hopkins selected TBG (The Berndt Group) to develop a powerful communications tool that spoke, with a clear unified voice, to the national and international communities regarding the accomplishments and innovations of Johns Hopkins’ world-class institutions. Prior to TBG’s involvement, there was no existing website that aligned all medical and academic institutions’ positioning for the global community.

The goal was to craft a subtle, yet clearly articulated website design that communicated a strong overarching identity while substantiating key individual institutions. A creative balancing act was needed that pulled together the existing strengths of each institution’s messaging in a thoughtful, cohesive manner.

TBG realized early on in the design process that relying solely on existing photography and design assets from the institutions would overly predetermine the tone of the site. In response, TBG directed several photo shoots on the Johns Hopkins University and The Johns Hopkins Hospital campuses to produce original photography for the website.  This, along with a newly designed video timeline highlighting Johns Hopkins’ history, created a fresh and compelling online “voice” that could speak elegantly and convincingly to diverse audiences.

Another important consideration was to design with the site’s longevity in mind. TBG understood that in order for the site to be successful it needed to be adopted early on by public relations and marketing teams across multiple Johns Hopkins institutions. As such, TBG designed the site to be an easy-to-use and attractive channel for institutions to cross promote their podcasts, videos, news articles, and publications.

The Johns Hopkins Institutions’ website was a success and lasted for eight years prior to an institution-wide redesign. The site, one of TBG’s many projects with Johns Hopkins, also coincided with ongoing work for Johns Hopkins University Alumni, Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer, and Johns Hopkins Medicine, among others.