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Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medicine are enormous engines of intellectual creation. And the Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer Office (JHTT) administers the University’s intellectual property. JHTT serves to license, patent, and commercialize the work output of Hopkins researchers and inventors, a pressing issue for a world-class academic institution to achieve maximum relevance.

TBG (The Berndt Group) is proud to have worked with multiple Hopkins institutions through the years on various projects. In partnership with JHTT, we had two goals:

  • Develop a searchable database of intellectual property accessible by industry so that Hopkins inventions could be licensed and patented.
  • Introduce the larger Hopkins intellectual community to JHTT in hopes that more researchers and inventors would participate in their programs.

TBG developed the new website in JHTT’s existing CMS, SiteExecutive, and integrated the newly developed searchable database of intellectual property for ease of use by potential investors. So many important discoveries are made by Hopkins researchers that it’s critical for them to be able to be funded and commercialized to bring the intellectual power of the Hopkins community to the world at large. Truly a win-win.

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Helping Funders Find New Tech

Helping Funders Find New Tech

One of the challenges of this project was allowing for potential investors to discover invaluable new technologies devised by elite researchers and inventors at Hopkins. The wealth of intellectual property at stake, and the myriad facets of industry that might be interested, meant the categorization and presentation of the content would be challenging. TBG proposed building a database searchable—by the general public as well as by administrators—by multiple facets such that Hopkins intellectual property could be found in numerous ways. 

The JHTT site has as a main feature the ability for users to find what they need no matter how much or how little they already know. Users may search via keyword if they know exactly what they’re looking for. Or they may browse—important if they don’t know what exists—to discover new technologies. Categories users may browse include:

  • Industry applications (e.g., engineering, healthcare, IT, veterinary)
  • Specific health indication (e.g., asthma, cholera, premature aging)
  • Scientific area (e.g., electrical engineering, material science, nanotechnology)
  • Tangible property (e.g., antibodies, DNA vectors, xenografts)
  • Technology (e.g., bioinformatics, stem cell, vaccine)

No matter what a potential investor is looking to fund, it can now be easily found.

Getting Researchers to Participate

Getting Researchers to Participate

The old JHTT site was a manual operation—essentially first-generation brochureware—even though it was using a CMS. JHTT needed the newly designed site to be able to serve the more complex needs of the growing organization, and for the new searchable database to integrate with the content of the site. TBG implemented the redesigned site in the existing CMS, SiteExecutive. The site content integrated seamlessly with the searchable database of intellectual property so potential investors and researchers alike could feel confident that the sophistication of the JHTT programs matched the sophistication of their inventions and investments. The new JHTT site more effectively used the features of SiteExecutive to automate the relationships between content in the searchable database and the content on the site.