Fordham University

Multi-source Publishing System for a Major University

Fordham University

TBG & Fordham University

For Fordham University, TBG (The Berndt Group) developed an online Undergraduate Bulletin; the project involved creation of a multi-source publishing system that allows multiple users to submit content to be published both to print and to an online version of the bulletin.

The application includes multiple versioning control for each section of content, content approval, user content assignments and email notifications.  Editors and Authors can view versions side-by-side to compare them to see what changes have been made between versions.  The bulletin publishes HTML files for the Web version and XML files for import into Adobe InDesign for print publishing.

The bulletin allows authors and editors to generate formatted HTML text, using a WYSIWYG text editor, eWebEdit Pro. The bulletin has been successfully used to publish the 2008-09 bulletin for the Web and for print.