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TBG & Erickson Living

Erickson Living (Erickson) is a national network of communities for retirees. Founded in 1983, the company provides apartment homes, health and wellness and other amenities to seniors across the country. When Erickson approached TBG (The Berndt Group), the company was running a default implementation of the Kryptiq patient portal for its healthcare practice patients. Erickson was aware that the system had usability issues and did not deliver a high standard, contemporary user experience. Erickson looked to TBG to improve the user experience, and explore the full range of possibilities within the patient portal.

After extensive interviews with Erickson patients, healthcare providers and business stakeholders, and technical discovery sessions with the Erickson technical team, TBG worked to make strategic recommendations for the site. As part of the project, TBG created suggested tab structures and wireframes of key sections of the recommended improvements to the patient portal. Included in these strategic recommendations were:

  • A feature-rich lab report interface, allowing patients to see key information about their medical care, sort by specific types of test results and laboratory data, and read doctors’ notes about particular test results.
  • A more user-driven approach to portal access and management; patients can manage permissions of family members to keep them informed of their medical care.
  • Creation of a printer-friendly Health Summary Card; patients can take this card with them when they travel, keep it in their wallet, or give it to other healthcare providers as a summary of their most recent tests, allergies and other health conditions or concerns.
  • A fully responsive interface to support the increasing number of patients and family members who use mobile devices to access the patient portal.

All recommendations involved leveraging the Kryptiq API, along with a custom .NET application to support additional integrations with Erickson systems across their patient data continuum.

What made this project so successful was the full engagement from Erickson’s patients.  Whether they were the more technically-savvy group of patients, or those with less technical knowledge, all expressed desire for portal enhancements and were very excited to engage in the process. In addition, the Erickson technical and IT teams as well as high level management proved to be highly engaged in the process and contributed to rich and involved discussions to bring the project to its highest level. These discussions allowed TBG to make recommendations not only for the user interface improvements, but also the technical approach to creating the custom portal application by leveraging the complex Krytpiq API and other systems.

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