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TBG (The Berndt Group) typically takes on three pro bono projects per year for socially-motivated or arts-focused nonprofit organizations.  The company feels it is important to support the local nonprofit and small business communities in Baltimore as much as we can.

TBG built a pro bono site for the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) that sought to establish AVAM as a premiere museum of visionary art, with a focus on high-end, interactive graphic design.

Highlights of the project included: 

  • working with a client that encouraged us to push the design a lot farther than our usual projects;
  • the end design is more akin to custom illustration than our standard Web design (custom photography and custom illustration, nonstandard navigation);
  • interactivity throughout the site (elements in the banner and side illustrations animate on rollover, "replay" button in the homepage movie); and 
  • the photo gallery for Bling Universe uses a cool rollover effect for the thumbnail images and the ability to include/reveal more description as needed.

"We presented The Berndt Group with what we knew was a significant challenge: create a site that conveys the spirited nature of our museum while maintaining usability and navigational intuitiveness needed on the Web. We are so pleased with the way the design team really "felt" the museum and transported our unique sense of place onto the site! All the while, The Berndt Group created an architecture that makes sense for our Web visitors and gives us room to grow and to embrace media of all sorts. Feedback has been incredible...and we love it!"

Pete Hilsee

Director of Communications, AVAM

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