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You have worked hard to establish your firm as a leader in your subject—providing excellent and substantive service. Now, how do you make those market-differentiating qualities really sing out loud? This is especially challenging when it is so hard to get your associates to write the kind of content that moves your brand forward. TBG’s experience and capabilities help professional services firms develop the digital offerings and infrastructure that identify them as leaders in their fields; best leverage the content they do have through search re-use and social media; and build strong, reliable web operations. 

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Gallagher Evelius & Jones LLP

Long-standing Partnership with a Storied Baltimore Law Firm

Communicating the Brand

Communicating the Brand

Gallagher has a long history as a very stable, best in class firm—with a social conscience. The new site had to reinforce the confidence of the firm with existing clients, inspire clients to refer new business, and persuade prospective clients to consider the firm’s services. A new design would have to match the sophistication that Gallagher is known for. The existing site was underusing Gallagher’s two most valuable assets in communicating its unique, storied brand: its rich history and its team of people. TBG worked with Gallagher to bring into focus messaging about the firm’s grounding in and commitment to the Baltimore community, starting with social justice issues in the 1960s and continuing through today’s revitalization projects and wealth of pro bono and reduced fee services for social issues. 

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Making the Most of Sitecore CMS

Making the Most of Sitecore CMS

TBG’s implementation of Sitecore represents a watershed moment in Gallagher’s marketing and presentation, bringing its image into alignment with its reality as a large, sophisticated firm operating in Baltimore. TBG first introduced Gallagher to the practical efficiency of CMS years ago with a previous engagement that saw us implement an early custom solution. When Gallagher outgrew that product, TBG was on deck with Sitecore, an extremely robust, best-of-breed, asp.NET CMS. Sitecore’s method of allowing site owners to create and manage content in an efficient way that saves them time and money isn’t unique in the world of CMS, but Sitecore is engineered far better than most. 

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Usability & Content Improvements

Usability & Content Improvements

TBG recommended subtle and not-so-subtle improvements to navigation, content, and site structure to enable the site’s average users to find what they were looking for—regardless if they knew what they were looking for.TBG recommended a strategy of improving site usability by developing and implementing topical content to reinforce messaging; redesigning site navigation so users know where they are and what content is available; and rewriting content to make it more readable and accessible by the average site user. The homepage now better reflects Gallagher’s activities as a firm by featuring topical, targeted content chosen based on how it positions and reinforces key Gallagher messaging, rather than just for the sake of freshness. 

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TBG & Gallagher Evelius & Jones LLP

TBG and Gallagher have enjoyed a long relationship through multiple consulting projects. We are two great Baltimore institutions that work regionally and nationally—but that never lose sight of our values or our culture.

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Johnson Mirmiran & Thompson

Online Depth & Breadth for Premier Architecture & Engineering Firm


TBG partnered with Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson (JMT), an architecture and engineering firm, to redesign the site to position JMT as a national firm. 

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KCI Technologies

Open Source Site for Leading Engineering Firm

KCI Technology

KCI needed a website that reflects its expertise and promotes strong brand recognition in the variety of markets where it operates. The new site needed to convey the service offering and provide the validation that would be most valuable to the company to pass due diligence and RFP processes. TBG worked with KCI to focus on this along with additional priorities.

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