TBG has a long history of developing award-winning sites and digital strategies for major education institutions—helping to brand, differentiate, manage content, and streamline web operations in this increasingly web-competitive market. Education sites often are built under tight budgets and with real multi-year constraints; TBG approaches these projects with intelligent realism, helping institutions produce high value, sustainable web projects. Our experience extends to all aspects of education sites, including complicated areas like university course catalogs (single source publishing), admissions conversion, community building, calendars, and federated content—as well as holistic strategies that make for distinctive, appropriate sites. 

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Loyola University Maryland

Consulting, Co-development & Collaboration with a Major University

CMS Implementation

CMS Implementation

Content reuse is critical to large, complex sites with many content editors. Sitecore was the obvious choice, not only for its ease of use but also because its structure promotes the reuse of content. Sitecore’s hierarchical data structure means all content “lives” in only one place, but it’s easy to create content in one place and publish it in many places. It does this by promoting the building of relationships of data on the back-end with the use of metadata taxonomies—essentially maps of relationships between types of data. Through the use of these metadata taxonomies, TBG (The Berndt Group) created relationships between content such that novice editors needed only to tag content with available options to publish content in many places at once—useful for creating automated lists of related links, for example, or for simultaneously publishing one piece of content to multiple audience areas.

Co-development & Collaboration

Co-development & Collaboration

TBG provided training and mentoring so that our developers and Loyola developers would work in a co-development relationship. Loyola developers had already received general Sitecore training, but TBG developers mentored and further trained them to know the ins and outs of working with Sitecore on their own site. TBG and Loyola developers worked side by side on completing the project, ultimately representing a cost savings for Loyola. And as a result, the Loyola developers learned to plan, create, and manage their own environment for the most sustainable solution possible.

Loyola plus TBG

TBG & Loyola University Maryland

The Loyola University Maryland website project was large and complex with many of the usual marketing goals associated with a university site. TBG worked to implement the site on Sitecore and also integrated Coveo search for a seamless user experience.

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American Montessori Society

New Brand Identity & Website for Progressive Education Association

child with a marker

TBG created a complete brand theory for the American Montessori Society (AMS), weighting a variety of desirable characteristics, working around the limitations of what can be expressed in the narrow attention-space that a brand must confront. The remainder of site development followed our structured design processes, including Web strategy, information architecture, graphic design, and development of functional requirements, prototyping, content migration and training. 

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University of Maryland School of Law

Award-Winning Site for a National Thought Leader in Community Law

University of Maryland School of Law screenshot

The University of Maryland Frances King Carey School of Law (UM Carey Law) is a national thought leader in community law, so it was exciting for TBG to partner with them on a rapid project to restructure and reface the existing law school site.

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