TBG has a broad and deep network of longtime partners which allows us to rapidly add capacity for large projects as needed in areas such as large-scale CMS implementation; advanced enterprise search and website search technologies; cloud-based hosting; content services including copywriting, Web content strategy, SEO and Analytics, and Email Strategy and Content; Salesforce CRM implementation, data migration, video production, and more.

Sitecore Partner Advisory Council

Sitecore is a leading .NET Web content management (CMS/WCM) software, with features and scalability that rival many enterprise systems—yet at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to excellent “meat-and-potatoes” content management, Sitecore also boasts superior engineering, and some of the most usable and well-architected personalization and marketing automation layers of any CMS product. TBG is a longtime Sitecore Partner, having achieved Sitecore Gold status, and we have won multiple Sitecore Experience Awards.

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Sitecore Content  Hub

Sitecore Content Hub™ unifies content planning, production, collaboration, and management with a single, integrated solution.

More than just a DAM, Content Hub offers solutions for Content Marketing, Marketing Resource Management, and Product Content Management all within one unified platform.

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Yext partners with TBG on provider transparency.

TBG works with Yext to help our clients better monitor, manage and integrate provider reviews.

TBG's clients can take advantage of Yext's services to help monitor and manage patient reviews and integrate provider reviews into profiles.

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Loyal health partners with TBG to provide a HIPAA compliant single source of truth for our clients.

TBG has worked with Loyal Health to improve transparency for patients and simplify data management for healthcare organizations.

Loyal is dedicated to helping health systems simplify the complexities of the healthcare industry through smart solutions designed to inspire loyalty through chatbot, data management, and data publishing tools.

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SearchStax offers end-to-end solutions ranging from Managed Solr infrastructure to advanced and personalized Site Search.

TBG partners with SearchStax to provide a Solr Service on Azure that is reliable, fast, and trusted.

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Contentful is more than content management — it’s a content platform powerful enough to create amazing digital experiences at scale.

A cloud-based, API first platform that helps you manage, integrate and deliver content across every digital channel, Contentful is endlessly extensible.

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Cognigy Logo

Cognigy is an enterprise conversational AI platform for customer & employee support process automation.

Cognigy.AI is a highly-flexible enterprise conversational AI platform to build advanced, integrated conversational automation solutions through the use of cognitive bots.

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uniform logo

Uniform makes the fastest personalized sites possible at global scale, with predictable, controllable costs, using your existing digital experience platform.

Uniform provides tools that allow for real-time edge-based personalization to be delivered in milliseconds on any front-end technology

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TBG works with Zivtech for Acquia Drupal consulting, development, and Drupal application development.

Zivtech works with a range of clients on innovative websites, web applications, and infrastructure using best-of-breed Open Source Software (OSS) tools including Drupal, Node.js, and Sass.

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Aha Media Group logo

Aha Media Group is a content strategy and content marketing consultancy that provides a wide variety of content strategy services with a focus on aligning business objectives with digital strategy and creating persuasive, creative content and design solutions.

Aha Media are experts in content marketing in healthcare.

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Kyruus partners with TBG on complex provider search implementations.

TBG has partnered with Kyruus to build Provider search, scheduling, and data management solutions for our clients.

Kyruus enables health systems to improve patient-provider matching, align network capacity with patient demand, and deliver a consistent patient experience across points of access.

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Coveo logo

Coveo is a provider of advanced enterprise search and website search technologies, tightly integrated with, Sitecore CEP, and Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint.

APIs allow for custom integration with other applications. TBG uses Coveo for site search on many of its larger Sitecore implementations.

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15Four logo

TBG works with 15Four to produce winning Web video. 15Four is a digital marketing agency that provides video-centric solutions and strategy, with innovative creative, production, and animation capabilities.

Shine Creative logo

TBG works with Shine Creative to produce winning Web video. Shine Creative is a full service video production agency specializing in cinematic storytelling video and branded content.

Featured TBG-er

Dan-headshot Meet Dan, IT Manager & Technological Trapeze Artist 

Dan, our IT Manager, is part of TBG's System Administration team that is responsible for maintaining TBG's hosting infrastructure. 

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