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Our StoryTBG (The Berndt Group) started through self-taught skills and natural talent in a variety of creative and technical disciplines, but it was only a few short years before we were professionally teaching others the emerging digital arts. Throughout the dot-com boom, we avoided the madness, and focused on organically deepening our game across these ever broadening disciplines, successfully working on banner projects from the start.

Adding incredible employees along the way, always learning from our mistakes, intellectually obsessing on the hardest problems of the digital space, and finding joy in intense problem-solving, today we are lucky enough to work for some of the world’s leading companies and institutions. Our company has been a fantastic experience and as they say, slow and steady wins the race! We welcome new clients and co-workers into the fold, and give full expression to the spirit of serious collaboration.

A Brief History

A Brief History

Baltimore-based TBG is a national, award-winning, thought-leading digital agency specializing in the design and implementation of significant websites—as well as the building of Web operations, site promotion, and varied support that follow from their launch. For clients like Valspar, Stanley Black & Decker, Penn Medicine, UMMS, Johns Hopkins Institutions, National Aquarium, and Pitney Bowes, we have been a valued partner to advance these large organization’s digital strategies—and to successfully execute on those strategies.

In addition to being a leading force in many areas of digital best practices, TBG is also one of the oldest such firms in the country. Since 1991, we have developed more than 400+ significant interactive projects, always keeping up with the changing realities, and leading wherever we can. We are well-known for our grounded thoroughness, intellectual edge, excellent employee culture, and highly creative problem-solving—and have never taken the changing landscape of the Web for granted.

The company has always been unusually stable among digital agencies—with a directorship that have largely been with the company since 2000, never having had a layoff, never having had a legal action of any kind, and sustaining industry defying client retention. We must be doing something right.

Our Focus

Our Focus

For a long time, TBG has only worked on large, CMS-driven websites; these days all of them use fully Responsive Web Design. Our initial focus on Web strategy and user experience broadened earlier in the early 2000s to include a much greater focus on the platforms, the interaction between user experience and highly tuned technology and operational decisions. This experience translates to sites of all sizes and CMS products. Today, almost all of our projects include the majority of the following areas:

  • Holistic Digital Strategy. Including Web strategies, content strategies, multi-site strategies, site performance and competitive analysis, digital development roadmaps, and business analysis. 
  • User Experience. This is a nationally recognized area for us. Including the full range of usability, information architecture, conversion optimization, persona creation, and clickable prototypes. 
  • Content Personalization. Also a nationally recognized area for TBG. We are experts in the emerging CMS personalization feature set, including content targeted to users based on browse and search behavior, geo-location, previous conversions, and CRM/purchase history. 
  • CRM & eCommerce Integration. Integration of user data and/or transactions with the site experience, including the full range of membership, eCommerce, tracking, and use preference personalization. 
  • Search Best Practices & Implementation. As with CMS, TBG regularly assists clients in selecting and implementing search technologies, and is highly knowledgeable in the field, having worked with a broad range of technologies. 
  • Web Operations Consulting. A major focus for us is the development of plans that help our clients get the most out of their websites through improved approaches to publishing, Web teams and general digital operations. 
  • Multi-channel Digital Marketing. Capabilities in the areas of email, social, mobile app, and other channels, with a special focus on content and conversion strategies that span multiple digital channels. 
  • Managed Services. We host and provide bulletproof IT support for many of our clients’ websites. 

What Differentiates Us

What Differentiates Us

Almost all effective websites must do multiple things at once, whether it is making a first brand impression, providing quick and easy information on demand for return users, or providing indispensable functions that integrate well with their users daily routines. Understanding, and balancing these imperatives to an effective result, is everything. 

It takes a combination of deep knowledge, grounded research, and a flair for balancing these forces to serve them all at once. It also takes a forward-looking, highly alert company that carefully accounts for the rapidly changing realities of user expectations, Web operations, Search Engine Optimization, depth of content, and many other logistical factors. 

What differentiates TBG ultimately comes down to a few key areas:

  • The depth of our holistic understanding. We are really thinking about more dimensions of your project than just about any other Web firm, and we have processes that efficiently capture and align all of the necessary decisions. The result is a deeper level of site build and superior sites and Web products, that contains none of the disconnects which unfortunately characterize our industry. 
  • Quality & Uniqueness of Work. Very few Web firms build large, CMS-driven websites well; even fewer managed to create websites that are memorable, unique, and give pleasure in the process. As a result, the websites TBG develops significantly outlast industry norms, providing greater return on investments. 
  • Getting the Value out of Platforms. So many CMS, Search, CRM, Personalization, and eCommerce implementations barely scratch the surface. That drives us nuts. We dig in deep to provide real business value to our customers, finding the best and most creative ways to leverage the platforms our clients have purchased. This also turns on our development of industry-leading, unique approaches to crucial areas like CMS automation and content personalization, which are major focuses for the company. 
  • Sustainability. Many firms run on volume and pay little attention once a project launches. Not so TBG. We have a longstanding engagement with consulting around Web Operations, helping major clients plan, fine tune, and manage their Web operations to get the most out of their website and Web product investments, as well as providing the hands-on support and managed services they choose to outsource. We are deeply committed to our clients’ success and it shows in our whole approach to engagement, as well as is in our unusually high client retention. 

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Dan-headshot Meet Dan, IT Manager & Technological Trapeze Artist 

Dan, our IT Manager, is part of TBG's System Administration team that is responsible for maintaining TBG's hosting infrastructure. 

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