TBG CEO John Berndt is Speaking at SXSW Interactive

March 2, 2020, Baltimore, MD

John Berndt, CEO of TBG (a leading national digital experience agency) and co-founder of The Consortium of Personalization Professionals (CPP), is speaking for the third time at SXSW Interactive on March 15 at 2 p.m. at the Amplify Philly House (hosted at Pour Choices), 401 E. 6th Street, Austin. A SXSW interactive badge is necessary for entry.

John is speaking with other experts on the subject of digital privacy, data collection, and ethical targeting.

From the session description:

There are multiple ways to think about personalization and how we profile customers and visitors. While privacy, creepiness, and regulations like GDPR & HIPAA create some uneasiness there is more good to come from personalization than not, whether it be in consumer products, health systems or B2B. This panel will explain personalization at a deeper level, explore the many opportunities of profiling and personalization extended over long periods of time, and help you better serve, rather than creep out, your customers and constituents.

We hope you'll come see John speak if you are at SXSW!

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