A Diary of TBG's First Month and a Half of Digital Response to COVID-19

April 28, 2020, Baltimore, MD

As a leading national customer experience agency (and Sitecore partner) focused on healthcare, TBG is typically engaged with strategizing, executing, and sustaining effective digital transformations for large healthcare systems and retail medicine (among other activities). So it is no surprise that the last month, as the pandemic became visible in the U.S., starting in mid-March 2020, has been a wild ride of emergency projects, sudden pivots, and doing everything we possibly can to contribute meaningful work to support our great clients and their patients.

Given the intense pace of this work, we wanted to take a deep breath, reflect, and take measure of what we have been doing as far as tactical COVID-19 support in recent weeks, on top of our regular projects and support work:

  • For a major, four-state medical system, we worked collaboratively with Microsoft and their I.T. department to implement a COVID-19 symptom checker chatbot throughout their ecosystem. This was notable because it all happened within a week—and because we did the work pro bono to assist with this crucial task first week of the ramp up of outbreak in the U.S. The bot generated 1.89 million messages to 261,545 users in the first weeks of operation.

  • Following on that success, we consulted and helped to implement a variety of other chatbots for similar purposes, including other technologies by Loyal Health and Google; as well as more work with the Microsoft Azure chatbot.

  • For one of the nation’s best-known academic medical centers, we just-in-time spun up additional server capacity to deliver on peaking capacity for the 1 million new visitors that had been added in the last week to popular COVID-19 educational content we had developed for them.

  • For another one of the best-known academic medical centers in the U.S., on behalf of our client, we’re working on making the flexible templating and content managed infographics we’d already developed for them more embeddable in other organization’s sites, and also are helping to develop a content-licensing model. We expect more of this to come with other clients.

  • For a majority of our clients, including major national health systems and children’s hospitals, we developed and modified alert banners and other graphical devices of all kinds, for COVID-19 related messages.

  • For several clients, we rapidly provided UX changes and development to foreground telemedicine options, in some cases, relating them directly to the online scheduling process to drive activity towards low-contact options wherever possible.

  • We dove into a series of rapid usability and content strategy engagements and assessment related to user-centric design of COVID-19 hubs and supporting information around telemedicine.

  • For a variety of clients, including a well-known academic medical system on the West Coast, TBG is providing extremely varied and expansive staff-augmentation to assist overtasked digital teams who are responding to the crisis. We’ve always embedded with our clients in various ways, but it has been gratifying to be in such rapid collaboration on the front lines with so many talented people.

So, an incredibly busy first month and a half during this challenging period for healthcare but gratifying for us to get to work on so many meaningful, potentially lifesaving activities with our clients and to be a part of the solutions.

Should your health system or organization need anything, TBG has capacity, and we would welcome helping and bringing our rapid capabilities and expertise to the table—feel free to contact us.

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