Consortium of Personalization Professionals (CPP) Convenes Second Annual Meeting

Personalization Experts Meet on April 13, 2018 in Washington D.C.

April 9, 2018, Baltimore, MD

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TBG (The Berndt Group), a national digital agency and Sitecore Gold partner headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, announced The Consortium of Personalization Professionals (CPP) will convene on April 13, 2018 in Washington D.C. The Consortium of Personalization Professionals (CPP) is an innovative group of expert practitioners and consultants. CPP will come together for a second time to extend the reach of personalization practice, codify learnings from real-world personalization activities, develop vocabulary and methodologies for this new area of digital practice, and promote thoughtful discourse about personalization in digital media.

Founded by John Berndt, TBG’s CEO, personalization theorist, and Amanda Shiga, VP of Marketing Science at Valtech, distinguished members of CPP also include Kevin Nichols (Avenue CX), Collin Eagean (ICF Olson), Randy Woods (Valtech), Mara Low (TBG), and Jeff MacIntyre (Bucket Studio). Topics of discussion and presentations range from the complexities of user profiling, modeling normative user journeys, the creative aspects of personalization, and measuring impact and success.

“We’re very excited to meet again on April 13th and build on the foundation established at the first meeting and to welcome new personalization experts,” said John Berndt, CEO of TBG and co-founder of CPP. “The inaugural meeting provided a remarkable opportunity for leaders in the personalization field to exchange ideas, build on one another’s successes, and work through problems in this practice together.”

Today, personalization is a crucial technique, highly desired for its ability to provide superior brand experience and conversions, but relatively difficult to get right and sustain. Digital teams face multiple uphill battles to strategize, staff, and execute on long-term personalization initiatives. With platform vendors promoting an overly rosy view of practice, based on no experience, the need to for a grounded group to explore the realities of practice couldn’t be stronger. The CPP intends to play a major role in that discussion going forward.

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