Meet Motty, All-Star Developer & Bird-Watching Enthusiast

March 9, 2016

Motty smiles (dark-haired man with short beard and blue shirt)

Having lived in three different countries and many different cities, Motty, one of TBG’s most senior Developer/Lead Architects, brings an energetic and passionate, focused and flexible, approach to all of his projects. Growing up in the UK, as a science buff who loved organic chemistry, his love of learning led Motty to become a teacher. He taught in Israel, NYC and Philadelphia, before becoming a full-time Web developer. Motty’s background has a direct positive impact on his work at TBG; clients and staff alike benefit from working with this natural-born leader, talented teacher, and thoughtful mentor. Motty enjoys helping others grow through training and mentoring so that they can develop their talents and skills. Getting high marks from TBG clients and staff, it’s easy to see why Motty’s former students stay in touch with him.

Motty’s all-star development skills and unbridled zest for tackling new projects, technologies and subject matter, shine through on all of the projects he works on at TBG, including sites for Penn Medicine, The Institute of Medicine (National Academy of Sciences), and Frontpoint Security, to name a few. He enjoys working on enterprise-level systems, complex integrations such as CRM, back-end systems and databases. Motty embraces the challenges of complex problem solving on large scale CMS implementations as well as finessing the creation of well-conceived technical architectures. An expert developer in Sitecore, Motty has crafted a number of custom MVC / WCF Web-services applications. For Penn Medicine, he designed a back-end service-oriented infrastructure that drives many internal and public systems.

"Knowledge is indeed power. What stokes my engine is my constant thirst for learning and growth (not horizontally!). The more tools I have in my belt, the better that I, together with my colleagues, can assist our clients and the community at large to get to the best product and be the best they can be.”

Motty’s high level of performance and engagement hinges on the fact that he is always learning and improving from previous projects. He takes pride in developing a complete and thorough product and always dots his i’s and crosses all his t’s! Half-baked and untested code doesn’t make the grade in Motty’s book. (He’s the first to admit that he’s a bit of a perfectionist!) This perfectionist drive also encourages others around Motty to strive for the best solutions and approaches on projects. He approaches his development work as an artist creates a painting: all coding and systems should be beautiful and brilliantly, meticulously designed. Motty is a strong believer in honesty, openness, and integrity when it comes to working with clients and project teams. While he strives to execute superior work, he is also the first to admit a mistake. That’s what makes Motty an exemplary Senior Developer at TBG; someone that leads by example.

Motty also thrives on analyzing a project down to the minutiae and determining the ideal strategy and implementing it through completion. He loves the burst of creative energy when taking a project all the way from A to Z and seeing the final product that the TBG team has produced.

Outside of work, Motty is a constant learner and enjoys picking up general knowledge about everything, especially on how to be a supportive and inspiring husband to his wife and father of four energetic boys. He also enjoys hiking and bird-watching; he always has his binoculars close by, especially during spring migration. Top of Motty’s list to spot is his first golden-winged warbler!

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