Through the Lens: Meet Jae, Dynamic Designer & Photog Phenom

June 22, 2016

headshot of JaeTBG’s resident Photographer and Graphic Designer, Jae, has traveled far and wide to capture and create captivating and exciting visual works. A native of South Korea, Jae moved from South Korea to the United States to pursue his passion for photography and graphic design. His thoughtful and inspired approach to design is a perfect match for TBG, where we are lucky to work with Jae for the past nine years! Jae enjoys the challenge of creating a unique and meaningful visual story for each project he works on, whether it’s client-facing or for TBG marketing activities. His fellow TBG-ers and clients enjoy working with Jae, who inspires his internal and client project teams with his quietly patient, level-headed and open-minded demeanor. It’s no surprise that Jae is dedicated to community and charity. Passionate about human rights, he traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda to organize educational programs with underprivileged communities, where he whimsically channeled his inner-child and played games with the kids, sang songs, and danced with them—all while capturing lively, real-world moments on camera.

Likewise, Jae approaches all of his TBG work with care and attention to detail. A blend of animation, a dreamy color palette, and poignant portraiture, the style of his graphic design is a direct reflection of his personality and interests. Jae’s work also reflects a sense of whimsy, humor and cleverness, much like Jae himself! He enjoys turning around homepage designs quickly for clients, and has worked on website designs and new branding for clients including American Montessori Society, Gallagher, Evelius & Jones, Arts Every Day, Children’s Health, Southern Exposure, Mitel, and Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, to name a few.  Jae also captures photos of our goings-on here at TBG and designs imagery for our (award-winning) website—he’s especially delighted to shoot our annual holiday card and TBG-ers dressed up for Halloween each year. Whenever something interesting is happening around the office, Jae shows up with a camera and a smile, ready to snap away.

“I feel blessed to have talented, creative, and good-hearted colleagues; challenging work with diverse clients and projects; and a spirited work culture!”

Jae’s acute focus has a meditative quality; he embodies TBG’s motto of “always thinking” and effortlessly hones in on learning new tasks or tools. In the midst of a fast-paced agency, he approaches his design deliverables with calm, focus, and a supreme positive attitude!

Outside of work, Jae continues to do community-oriented work, including teaching Korean language instruction and photography for foster care and children’s programming. He produces a faith-based podcast in Korean and enjoys tennis, golf, snowboarding, skateboarding with his kids, and coaching tennis—what an ace!

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