Meet Erika, Senior Account Manager & Cat Wrangler

What would TBG be without our Project Managers? Our Project Managers are the ones tasked with having total oversight of all aspects of their projects, from the minutia to the big picture. From ensuring pixel perfection to delivering the deluxe apartment in the sky. They do everything from updating project timelines to writing complex Functional Requirements. Because our Project Managers are strategic consultants as much as Project Managers, at TBG we call 'em Account Managers.

Our Account Managers also know the secret to delivering a successful site is as much best practices as it is sugar. There is no shame in using candy as a productivity tool or as a bribe for project teams. The job has to get delivered on time and within budget, right?

Erika, one of our most Senior Account/Project Managers, is practiced in the ancient arts of candy kung fu, building websites, and cat wrangling (more on that later).

"A holistic approach to project management is critical. You have to see the forest AND the trees!"

In her role at TBG, Erika manages all aspects of website design and development projects and serves as the primary liaison for TBG clients. Her background includes 13+ years of online project management and application development, working with websites for universities, international publishing companies, chain pharmacies, and large associations. Erika has led organizations through multi-site redesigns, learning management system development, and CMS migrations, ever focused on delivering the best solutions for her clients in a timely and organized fashion.

TBG accounts include Cabot Stain, Valspar Paints, University of Pennsylvania Health System, Mercy Medical Center, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Towson University, Dickinson State University, ABET, and the National Center for State Courts, among others.

Erika has managed large-scale projects implemented in content management systems including Sitecore, Ektron, CrownPeak, WordPress, and Umbraco, among others. She has also worked with a number of AMS systems and has experience with eCommerce integrations.

But let's also get to know Erika outside of her Project Manager role and see what makes her tick:

  • Erika has a deep love of food and all things cooking-related. Even after a long day at the office she blows off steam by making a stew or cooking up big batches of homemade baby food for her son. This girl never sleeps!
  • She's a comedy nerd—very into alternative comedy (think Funny or Die, Louie CK)—she gets excited to go to comedy shows the way some people get excited about going to concerts. Or building websites.
  • Erika is one of the most organized people we know when it comes to her projects. Her's another story. The term "hoarding" comes to mind. At home she admits to being a bit of a media hoarder—she discovered one day that she and her husband had 12 devices in one room of their house that could stream Netflix! And they were totally ok with that.
  • And the last clue to Erika is this: the lady loves her cats. Even after having a baby, she is still a loud and proud "cat lady." She recently moved to the county, but when living in Hampden, Erika really focused on trying to do spay/neuter/release programs for the local feral cat population. She's a sucker for a stray animal and has found quite a few in her care over the years. 

Since moving to the county the feral cat population is not as prolific—so Erika is now focused on planning (plotting?) how to project manage the aggressive squirrels of Baltimore County! Maybe she can teach them to build websites? Maybe they like candy? Stay tuned...