Meet Eric, Art Director & Hot Pocket Hero

Who puts the pizazz into the plethora of projects that we work on here at TBG (The Berndt Group)? Our talented creative team, that's who! One of the TBG'ers that brings that creative KAPOW! to our innovative and dynamic creative team is our senior Art Director, Eric.

As Art Director at TBG, Eric works directly with our Creative Director, Julia. Eric has designed and/or art directed numerous high profile websites, multimedia, print and branding projects over the years at TBG, for clients such as The Theodore Roosevelt Center/ Dickinson State University, Baltimore Equitable Insurance, Johns Hopkins University, The Maryland Science Center, NAIOP, The Baltimore Museum of Art, Mercy Hospital, and the University of Maryland School of Law, among many others. 

Eric's work consistently wins design awards every year, including ADDY Awards for The Theodore Roosevelt Center and Baltimore Museum of Art website.

"I look forward to the different challenges and opportunities that come with each new project and enjoy being able to implement design as a way to enhance information and drive results."

Eric has worked at TBG for over 13 years…but like Dick Clark, he has mastered the art of looking younger every year. He doesn't age; it must be something in those Hot Pockets, or pretzels, that he's a fan of. Eric, share your secret, man!

Eric is an integral and irreplaceable member of our creative team, bringing a ton of creativity, enthusiasm, intensity and dedication to all of his projects. And the man is a music fanatic, we mean, FAN! You do not want to go head to head with him on music trivia…this guy is an aficionado / walking music dictionary. Especially UK new wave Manchester-based bands from the 80s. Unknown Pleasures…name that band!

Outside of work, Eric enjoys playing the drums which he has been playing since high school. A fixture on the Baltimore music scene for years, maybe you caught a Lux Aeterna show along the way.

"Living in Baltimore has provided fantastic opportunities to be able to play music with and see so many talented friends/local musicians. I love being able to incorporate creativity into my professional and personal life on a daily basis," said Eric.

"And while at work, I try hard to keep the tapping on the desk with pencils to an absolute minimum!"