Meet Dan, IT Manager & Technological Trapeze Artist

The old saying goes, "behind every successful company is a top notch system and network administrator..."

At TBG (The Berndt Group), we are lucky to have two great guys that keep the company running smoothly from a technical infrastructure standpoint.

Dan, our IT Manager, is part of TBG's System Administration team that is responsible for maintaining TBG's hosting infrastructure. Responsibilities include monitoring, Web servers, internal servers, patch management, security, technical consulting, script writing, and server engineering. Dan has experience with a wide array of technologies including various versions of Windows, Linux, and VMware, as well a variety of networking and security devices.

Dan is always looking for ways to enhance and improve how business is done through the use of technology. You can often find him heads down, researching new technology. Dan is also a strong believer in coming up with proactive systems to solve problems before they become an issue and to make those systems as streamlined as possible.

"The best way to get people to follow a system/policy, is to make it the easiest option."

Dan believes that the only way to be effective as a System Administrator (Sysadmin) is to constantly continue his education. To that point, he is currently is working toward a degree in Cybersecurity from UMUC in Maryland. He currently holds a RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer), Security+, and has previously held a CCNA (Certified Cisco Network Associate). Prior to his position at TBG, Dan worked in Enterprise hosting at a major hosting provider. Dan really enjoys the variety of technology, challenge, and responsibility one gets as a Sysadmin at TBG.

Being the IT Manager for a successful company is a 24-7 job, but Dan does find time for fun. He is mastering the tasty art of homebrewing and he recently started playing the piano. Dan also spends time hanging with his wife!