Organizational Structure

The divisions in our company are organized around different disciplines, although all of our work takes place through highly collaborative processes involving multiple disciplines—crucially, at each step in the process. TBG has developed serious depth in all of these disciplines that is reflected in our award-winning projects. This tight integration of departments, rather than siloed disciplines, is one of the secrets of our success. TBG is divisionally organized around five directors: Digital Strategy & User Experience, Creative Services, Technical Services, Account Management, and Quality Assurance. A central Chief Operating Officer (COO), who reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), oversees the directors of these divisions, troubleshooting cross-functional issues that arise, and working with directors to plan resources, with overall responsibility for quality from an operational standpoint. The overall vision for the company and quality is set by John Berndt, our CEO, who is actively involved in directing and cultivating the substance of the firm’s practices at a high level.

There are also a number of managerial roles within those divisions, reporting to the directors. TBG’s IT Manager works closely with our Technical Director to ensure the highest IT infrastructure standards; a Manager of Digital Strategy & Optimization coordinates with our digital strategists to ensure that TBG executes comprehensive, innovative, data-driven digital strategies for our clients; a Manager of User Experience & Research collaborates with our UX architects to advance the quality of solutions, techniques and tools that make for a world class UX practice at TBG; and an Associate Creative Director supports our Creative Director and team, to ensure TBG’s creative division runs smoothly.

The overall reporting structure is designed to be low overhead, and is extremely grounded and substantive, allowing for substantial cross discussion and group problem solving on micro and macro levels within each division.

Our Staff

TBG is extremely unusual in the Web world in terms of its stability. One of the oldest digital agencies in the country, we have never had a layoff, despite the 2001 tech collapse and the 2008 financial collapse that rocked most similar organization. TBG staff on average has 8 - 15+ years of experience in the Web industry (many have 15+ years) and are highly seasoned digital professionals. Many of TBG’s core staff have been in the company 10 years or more.