TBG’s leadership is an eclectic bunch who successfully balances creativity with intense focus, groundedness and attention to detail. We are business when business is called for, but our love is really creative problem-solving in all of its many forms, which makes our approach to business—and relationships—unusually healthy and long-lasting. To see how it all fits together, read more about our organizational structure.

John Berndt

John Berndt

CEO | Sitecore MVP

TBG’s CEO John Berndt is a person of many talents with accomplishments and interests in a number of fields including business, music, philosophy, and art. When the Web began in 1993, John was able to design some of the first large websites—a professional momentum which has never slowed. Having worked on hundreds of significant websites in varied markets, he has a world-class sense of what it means to build leading digital properties. 

Today, John focuses on making TBG the best national Web design firm of its size—working with his colleagues to solve the many pressing practical and intellectual issues of Web strategy, Web operations, multi-channel tactics, and content personalization. Because of his contributions to the Sitecore community, John holds the esteemed distinction of Sitecore Digital Strategist MVP (Most Valuable Professional). He is the author of the book Personalization Mechanics: Targeted Content for Web Teams of All Sizes (2015), the first truly detailed book about the intersection of Web personalization and Web operations, available on Amazon.

Truth or Tall Tale

Show me the tall tale!

I played minor league baseball before my interest in the Web.

I achieved a Red Belt in Korean Martial Arts.

I once tried to get struck by lightning.


Michelle Géczy


TBG’s COO (Chief Operating Officer) Michelle Géczy is a natural born problem solver with a nearly supernatural eye for detail. These qualities—along with her passion for the company—have been crucial in the development of TBG’s highly thorough, focused, positive culture. Michelle joined TBG in 2001 as a project manager, became Director of Account Management, ultimately moving into her role as COO. She has worked on a number of award-winning Web projects (including WEBBY awards, the “Oscars” of the Web) for TBG over the years. Michelle’s exceptional ethics, strong communication skills and sound management abilities make her a stellar leader. A summa cum laude (first in her class) graduate of Bloomsburg University in history and French, Michelle began her career in arts funding and international construction contracting. Today, with 20+ years of experience as a foundation, Michelle successfully spearheads TBG’s contracting, resource planning, hiring, and overall operational direction. Out of the office, you can find Michelle taking photographs or salvaging found objects to feed her interior design passion, blending her love of art, culture and history.  She is also tenacious on the field hockey pitch!

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I am a Dungeon Master.

I grew a record-breaking two pound tomato.

My first concert was The Rolling Stones.

Susan Iovenitti, Director of Digital Strategy & User Experience

Susan Iovenitti

Director of Digital Strategy & User Experience

As TBG’s Director of Digital Strategy & User Experience (UX), Susan Iovenitti leads her team with a unique blend of enthusiasm and empathy that brings innovative and highly-personalized experiences to life. She has over 15 years of experience focused on UX research, UX design, information architecture, accessibility, optimization and large-scale website strategic management. Susan has a wealth of knowledge to solve involved, complex problems and deliver experiences with measurable improvements to key performance indicators (KPIs), revenue, and risk mitigation. She is also a dedicated researcher—focused on gathering and analyzing a wide variety of data points to enable strategic, informed decision making. As a “people person,” Susan draws energy and excitement from working closely with others to form strong connections and uncover new ways of approaching complex situations, relationships and systems. Prior to joining TBG in 2017, she worked in the non-profit, government and retail (eCommerce) sectors. Susan attended Virginia Tech and holds a degree in Industrial Design. After hours, you’re most likely to find her attending a yoga class, heading to a concert, or checking out a new restaurant in Baltimore.

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I love to go grocery shopping.

I have only ever had black cats as pets.

I’m the second oldest of six children in my family.

Josh Fisher headshot

Josh Fisher

Director of Account Management

Overseeing the company’s project management and account department is no small task, but Josh Fisher, Director of Account Management, makes it seem easy. With over 15 years of experience in Web project management, Josh has led clients—from large corporations to large hospital systems, to professional associations—through website redesigns, Web application design and CMS selections with an eye on delivering the best solution, on time and in budget. When he’s not mentoring the accounts team, Josh also illustrates for the company blog and website. Prior to joining TBG in 2007, Josh worked as a Web editor, Web producer and sales engineer for companies including Microsoft, Yahoo!, eGroups and iSyndicate. He received an Art degree from Williams College. Out of the office, you can find Josh dominating the Baltimore tennis scene.

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I once spent a night in a Mexican jail.

I have over 100 pairs of sneakers.

I do not own any pets.

Steve Walk, Director of Technology

Steven Walk

Director of Technology

Steven Walk is TBG’s Director of Technology, overseeing the company's technical department. Steve comes to TBG experienced in working with a number of firms ranging from tech start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, including Black & Decker, Comcast, and Prometric to name a few. Steve is an Experienced Software Development leader with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. At TBG, Steve applies this management style to both the software development efforts of his programming team and the maintenance of over 100 websites and related software applications. He studied computer science at both Marist College in Poughkeepsie and Central Connecticut State University. When he’s not at TBG, Steve restores pinball machines, does wood working, roasts coffee, and keeps bees.

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I used to sell toy soldiers professionally.

I hold a current U.S. patent.

I started my first business at age 19.

Audrey Guillemot, Director of Quality Assurance

Audrey Guillemot

Director of Quality Assurance

Audrey Guillemot is TBG’s resident French fashionista, but also tenaciously delivers quality, best-of-breed websites. As Director of Quality Assurance, she oversees the company’s Quality Assurance (QA), working closely with account managers and project teams to create detailed plans and to ensure thorough testing on all Web projects. With 20+ years in the industry, Audrey brings a breadth of experience, including over 10 years of project management knowledge. Joining TBG in 2005, she has led clients through major website redesigns, multisite implementations, Web application design, CMS implementations, and brand identity development. With her keen eye for detail, Audrey ensures that each Web project is the best quality, and delivered on time and in budget.  Audrey is a graduate of the University of Nice, France with a degree in English Translation and Spanish. In her spare time, you can find Audrey excelling at trivia night and taking photographs around Baltimore and of her travels.

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I am part of a very small statistical group, accounting for about 1% of the world’s population.

I never forget a face.

I can tap dance.

Julia Niederman headshot

Julia Niederman

Creative Director

When TBG’s Creative Director Julia Niederman joined the company in 1998, she was already a seasoned and talented graphic designer. Over the years and many hundreds of projects, she grew into a stellar leader, problem solver, and communicator—leading to her current role as TBG’s aesthetic visionary. With 20+ years of experience, Julia’s design prowess has won the agency an unusually high number of national and international design awards, including two WEBBY awards—the “Oscars” of the Web. Julia has also been a key contributor to the founding of TBG’s culture—providing an example to her coworkers of deep engagement with subject matter, attention to detail, exceptional ethics, and strong communication skills. She has a degree in Graphic Communications and Illustration from the Washington University School of Fine Arts, and worked as an illustrator and designer in Italy and the Czech Republic before settling back in Baltimore. In her spare time, Julia is a fine arts painter of note, and strong supporter of Baltimore’s cultural scene.

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I was fired from a youth hostel in Bologna, Italy.

I won the regional math bee when I was ten.

I defaced a public statue in Český Krumlov.

Eric Winner headshot

Eric Winner

Associate Creative Director

Since joining TBG in 2000, Eric Winner, Associate Creative Director, has played a pivotal role in the company’s design award achievements. With 20+ years of experience, Eric has worked closely with TBG’s Creative Director in designing hundreds of TBG’s client websites. High profile projects have ranged from higher education, to nonprofit/arts and attraction related sites, to healthcare, and business-to-business. Eric's work consistently wins national and international awards each year, including several ADDY Awards and a WEBBY Award. Prior to joining TBG, Eric worked at one of Baltimore's leading ad agencies where he was Art Director for the Baltimore Ravens account. Eric holds a degree in American Studies from the University of Maryland (College Park) and studied Publication Design at The University of Baltimore. He spent a year studying abroad in London at The City University. In addition to his award-winning designs, Eric discovered the fountain of youth, giving him the uncanny ability to turn back the clock on aging. A fixture on the Baltimore music scene for years, Eric's played drums since high school. Rock on Lux Aeterna!

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My first and only time skiing was in the Swiss Alps.

I was in a music video for a popular UK alternative rock band.

I was a semi-professional skateboarder.

Danny Sizemore

Dan Sizemore

Manager, IT

Joining TBG in 2011, Dan Sizemore, IT Manager, is part of TBG's System Administration team that is responsible for maintaining TBG's hosting infrastructure. With 15+ years of experience, Dan oversees monitoring, Web servers, internal servers, patch management, security, technical consulting, script writing, and server engineering. He has experience with a wide array of technologies including various versions of Windows, Linux, and VMware, as well a variety of networking and security devices. Dan is always looking for ways to enhance and improve how business is done through the use of technology. Dan holds a degree in Computer and Information Science from the University of Maryland University College. To ensure his effectiveness as a System Administrator, Dan actively pursues ongoing education. He has a degree in Cybersecurity from UMUC in Maryland, and he holds a RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) certification, Security+ and has previously held a CCNA (Certified Cisco Network Associate). Prior to TBG, Dan worked in Enterprise hosting at a major hosting provider. Being a Senior System and Network Administrator for a successful company is a 24-7 job, but Dan finds time for fun. He is mastering the art of homebrewing and plays the piano.

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I've won first place in a fishing contest.

I've been honorably discharged from the USMC Reserves.

I ran a public BBS at the age of 12.

David Mealo

David Mealo

Manager, Development Operations & Standards

As a Manager of Development Operations (DevOps) & Standards, David Mealo, along with co-Manager Stefan Perales, ensures efficiencies on projects as well as code consistency and quality, and oversees the automation of TBG’s ironclad development and hosting operation. He comes to this role having both developed custom Web applications and extended existing Web platforms such as Content Management Systems and eCommerce software. He combines development, DevOps and IT expertise to bring a breadth of knowledge to all projects at TBG. David continually applies knowledge from his career genesis as an IT Systems Analyst & Software Engineer consultant for several Offices of the Smithsonian Institution to his work to add overlap and ensure coverage of systems and architecture work on projects. When he’s not at TBG, David explores all things digital, analog and outdoors (with sunscreen). 

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I regularly do volunteer construction work.

I participate in a Microsoft advisory council.

I once worked at a zoo and the White House at the same time.

Stefan Perales

Manager, Development Operations & Standards

As a Manager of Development Operations (DevOps) & Standards, Stefan Perales, along with co-Manager David Mealo, ensures efficiencies on projects as well as code consistency and quality, and oversees the automation of TBG’s ironclad development and hosting operation. Previously Stefan has a long history as a senior Sitecore developer and notably discovered some interesting structural issues with multi-site implementations that were helpful to Sitecore. Stefan spends his free time designing and playing video games. 

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I’m an ASE certified automotive technician.

I once won a Twitter rap contest.

My wife and I once rehabilitated an ocelot.

photo of Mara

Mara Low

Manager, Digital Strategy & Optimization

As Manager of Digital Strategy & Optimization, Mara Low keeps TBG at the forefront of digital strategy, personalization strategy, and grounded use of the extended feature sets of modern marketing platforms. Working closely with TBG’s Director of Digital Strategy & UX to develop these practices and execute comprehensive, innovative, data-driven digital strategies for TBG’s clients, Mara has over 10 years of experience creating, planning and executing creative digital strategies and solutions for large, complex institutions. Joining TBG in 2013 as a senior member of the Information Architecture, Digital Strategy & UX team, she has helped numerous health systems, B2B and B2C clients build and operationalize a personalization practice to help them take their websites to the next level and better meet their marketing goals and business objectives. Mara previously held significant user experience positions at The National Aquarium and The Smithsonian Institutions. She holds a degree in Communication from Drexel University and spent six months studying abroad at the Universidad de Costa Rica in San Jose, Costa Rica. When she’s not at work, you might find Mara hiking the trails, making upcycled art, or creating delicious dishes in a pop-up kitchen.

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I once got lost along the border of Myanmar (Burma).

I have a pet goat.

I hula hoop—with fire!

photo of Melissa

Melissa McMacken

Manager, User Experience & Research

As Manager of User Experience & Research, Melissa McMacken leads TBG’s efforts to sharpen, refine, and optimize user experience and research practices. Working closely with TBG’s Director of Digital Strategy & UX, Melissa focuses on evolving the quality of solutions and researching techniques and tools that make for a world class UX practice at TBG. Joining TBG in 2014 as a senior member of the Information Architecture, Digital Strategy & UX team, Melissa has over 10 years’ experience solving large-scale digital strategy, usability and information architecture challenges for a variety of clients. As a UX and research specialist, she excels at synthesizing user input and findings into improved outcomes that increase ROI. Melissa also has a leading background in digital healthcare; she previously held senior user experience positions at Johns Hopkins Medicine and CommunicateHealth. Melissa holds a Master’s in Science in Interaction Design and Information Architecture from University of Baltimore and a BA from Oberlin College in Latin American Studies. Beyond her work with TBG, Melissa is a mom to two energetic girls and a passionate vegan.

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I once auditioned to be a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader.

I once quit my day job and made jewelry for a living.

I once ate a 24 course meal at a Zen temple in Japan.

Bonnie Crawford, Manager of Marketing and New Business

Bonnie Crawford

Manager, Marketing & New Business

As TBG’s Manager of Marketing & New Business, Bonnie Crawford works closely with TBG’s CEO and COO to develop and execute TBG’s marketing strategy and cultivate new business opportunities and partnerships. Joining TBG in 2018, Bonnie has 10+ years combined experience working as a marketing strategist and has taught interactive design at the college level. She thrives when she has a lot on her plate and enjoys the thrill of multi-tasking. She earned an MFA in Imaging and Digital Arts at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). When Bonnie’s not at TBG, she spends time with her two children, works as a visual artist, and promotes artist-run art spaces in the Baltimore community. 

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I have been paid an honorarium to electrocute pickles.

When I was a child, I had a pet pig named Otto.

I'm one of those people that hates cilantro.