Class in the sense of taking the high road; of caring about everything we do, our clients, and each other; and paying attention to all of the details. At TBG we are always thinking about what details will take projects to the next level of wonderful, about how we treat each other and our clients, and about what being an exceptional company means day-to-day. The kind of smart perfectionism that isn’t obnoxious, but rather, full of love, is in our DNA. People notice it too—often telling us how different we are from every other vendor they’ve worked with. And our high employee retention rate speaks to why TBG-ers enjoy working at TBG.  

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What is the point of spending many hours of the day in intense collaboration if you don’t love the people who you work with? At TBG, we are all strong individuals who value each other in ways that go far beyond productivity and money. Since TBG’s inception, we’ve focused on creating the most open, mutually respectful, intellectually stimulating, interesting place we can. 

Why TBG-ers like it here
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It’s good to get in the zone and crank on difficult usability, design, programming, and strategy challenges…and even better to solve new problems, or explore a theoretical possibility that no one has really hit before! We do it all, all day long, and we like to think our intellectual prowess stands out among digital agencies. We enjoy the deep dive and getting to sink our teeth into the work we do. For certain types of individuals—the kind we like to hire and to work with—those opportunities are a huge amount of fun and deeply fulfilling. Our best-and-the-brightest culture makes for a rich work environment that wholly informs our projects. Our mantra, Always Thinking, informs everything we do at TBG.

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Get two TBG brains in a room and you can solve most problems. By four or five, it feels like you can solve ANY problem. Though we have a ton of process to guide and inform our projects, collaborative group problem-solving, in a substantive, positive atmosphere is the beating heart of what we do. Our clients highly value our informed and grounded approach to problem-solving on projects. Our employees thrive in TBG’s intellectually rich and stimulating environment. We can guarantee it will feel like a new level of smart collaboration for you. 

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Solving problems together is so much better than working in isolation. TBG is a rich, best-and-the brightest environment with a lot of humor, but almost none of the cynicism that plagues much of the usual working world. Everyone is in it together here, working in intensely knowledgeable cross-functional teams, without the typical programmers vs. creative culture clash. Everyone’s voice is in the mix at TBG, from our Office Manager on up, and our individual areas of expertise and approaches to problem-solving make for a rich conversation that adds incredible value to our projects and makes for an engaging and full-filling work environment. We’re not content with the status quo at TBG; we’re always collaboratively thinking about how to do things better.  

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Mad casual here behind the scenes, because our business is based on smarts and care, not fear and formality. We work hard, but frequent communal meals (“breakfast club” and lunches), great parties (duckpin bowling! game night!), happy hours (Sterling Cooperage, anyone?), frequent trips to the local ice cream shop and food trucks, celebrating milestones and workiversaries, and an enormous amount of shared fun and culture comes naturally to us. Don’t worry, no “team building” corporate retreats here to suffer through—we don’t need them. We are already very connected and looking forward to this afternoon’s Italian Trinacria feast, hilarious epic poetry emails, and happy hour at The Food Market—all with people we trust and care about. TBG isn’t just a job; we consider ourselves family. 

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TBG is headquartered in Hampden, which mixes great restaurants and shops with elements from a Brueghel painting. How’s that for intriguing? Hampden never gets boring—more than 10 years in, the Avenue continues to evolve and bring new discoveries (Old Bay ice cream at The Charmery!), and many of us live in the area. Located in the heart of Baltimore near Johns Hopkins’ main campus in Charles Village, on a hill with a great view, we also have easy access to DC, Philly, New York, and of course a major airport for our widely spread clientele. Inside, our natural-light-rich office in what was previously an Odd Fellow’s hall, is among the most beautiful in Baltimore. 

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