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surrealist man with no head like magritte painting

Headless in the Cloud? What is Gained, What is Lost in “Headless” Sitecore Implementation

August 12, 2015

Headless websites use CMS technology for the back end but not for rendering what the end user sees. Deciding to build your own custom front end (the missing “head”) has both advantages and disadvantages.

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blue and orange colored squares with icons How Sitecore CMS Architecture Decisions Interact With Future Multivariate Testing Options 

August 24, 2015

A key property of CMS is that it provides structure to the content management experience—largely through content modeling, the way that templates are logically and modularly constructed, the design of metadata and tree relationships among content, and workflows and permissions. 

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man's face patterned in the style of chuck close Style Guides & Pattern Libraries 

August 10, 2015

With each new tool we add into our process, we must figure out how and where it fits in. Here, we define what style guides and pattern libraries are, what challenges they present, and how we might overcome those challenges.


Spider, Snork & Scrape, Part 1 

August 6, 2015

Content is still king, but first you have to find it! Once found, there are many free and easy-to-use tools to collect the information and transform it in order to make new content.


healthy foods on a table with digital devices layered on top Boot Camp For Your Website: 8 Steps to Get Your Site into Tip-Top Shape 

August 3, 2015

There are a million articles about eating well and losing weight these days. But have you ever thought or heard about various methods for keeping your website healthy? 

Tools & Tips

A man reaches for Gotham font among 5 other fonts Hello Gotham, Goodbye Arial! 

July 27, 2015

Typography on the Web has matured with the advent of webfonts over the past five years. We now have access to hundreds of typefaces that were previously inaccessible due to technical and licensing restrictions.

Just For Fun

Why Being a (TBG) PM is Awesome 

July 6, 2015

Am I alone in that I actually love my role as a Project Manager? Here are a few examples of how Project Managers add value to projects.


person putting ring on finger The Art of Engagement 

June 30, 2015

A common way to calculate engagement is to compare the number of page views across two date ranges—before and after a campaign launch—and infer that the campaign is engaging if it produces more page views.


Chameleon and a Utility app icon Sitecore Personalization Basics 

June 26, 2015

I recently had a conversation with one of my coworkers who was learning about how Sitecore personalization works, and I gave her a rather brief rundown on the basics.